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High Quality Direct Feed Trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Is that Peter Parker’s parents I see? Are they going to explain that his parents are CIA agents? Finally, here’s the better and direct feed trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man,

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Is Here… in Crappy Quality

Here’s the cam recording of The Amazing Spider-Man trailer. It will be attached to Captain America: The First Avenger. The trailer features a very cool 1st-person view of Spider-Man doing

Here Comes More ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Images Including Prototype Spidey Suit

After the release of some cool Amazing Spider-Man images, here are some more images from the movie including the prototype Spider-Man suit, Peter Parker becoming the jock, Denis Leary as

These Amazing Spider-Man EW Images Gets Me All Tingled

Entertainment Weekly has some new cool images from the Amazing Spider-Man movie, starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. We get to see the actual

Uncle Ben and Peter Parker On Set Video for The Amazing Spider-Man

Here are four videos on the Woodside, Queens set for The Amazing Spider-Man. The first two videos show Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) walking around talking on his cell phone. The

Lizard Spotted on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Set?

Rhys Ifans is playing Dr. Curt Connors in The Amazing Spider-Man. If you know your Spider-Man, he becomes the Lizard as a result of an experiment on trying to grow

Stan Lee’s The Amazing Spider-Man Cameo Details

This has been reported before from Nuke the Fridge, but we’d like to share it with our readers. Below is what we know so far. “The Lizard and Spider-Man will

Do You Have What It Takes to Hit the Jackpot?

We just heard over the grapevine that a casting call has gone out for the part of Mary Jane Watson in the Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man.  The call has

Casting Call for The Amazing Spider-Man New York Shoot

Here we have a casting call for The Amazing Spider-Man New York shoot. The production nickname is Fiona’s Tale. This call is for only 1 day’s work on April 30th

Martin Sheen Thinks Andrew Garfield Is Lovely as Spider-Man

Martin Sheen will be playing Uncle Ben, the uncle to Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man. He was recently interviewed by TotalFilm and talks about Andrew Garfield being

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Will Use Brand-Spanking New 3D Technology

The Amazing Spider-Man is working with new 3D technology and being the first to film in 3D by using the 3ality Digital TS-5 rig. The new rigs are small and

Spider-Man to Fight Reptillian SWAT Team?

According to BigFanBoy.com, one of the primary crew members revealed that a bunch of stunt actors were getting heavy makeup done to ready a fight scene. The scene will have

The Amazing Spider-Man New Title with Andrew Garfield in Full Spider-Man Mask & Gear

Now this is a cool title, naming the Spider-Man reboot after the original comic series. And the outfit? As much as I hated the new design for the outfit, I