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Emilia Clarke says no to another Terminator movie

Even though Terminator Genisys received mixed reactions from critics, it was still able to gross $440 million worldwide at the box office. Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) played the young

Terminator Genisys – Blu-ray Review

When Arnold was slated to return to the Terminator franchise, there was a lot riding on it becoming a hit. The last two films, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator

Terminator: Genisys disappoints at box office

The buzz leading up to this weekend’s newest entry in the Terminator franchise seemed immense. Geek darling Emilia Clarke starring, a new twist playing with the series’ timeline, and the

Terminator Genisys stars and filmmakers talk about the franchise and the new movie

Terminator: Genisys arrives in theaters on July 1st, and we had a chance to attend a press conference with the cast and crew including writers Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis, actors Jai Courtney (Kyle Reese), Arnold

Terminator Genisys review: A nod to the classics that offers nothing new

Arnold is back, and this time he’s playing an aging Terminator. He may have grey hair, but he isn’t obsolete. Let’s get this out of the way first. Any movie

Arnold Pranks fans in Terminator Genisys make-up for a good cause

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the biggest actors of the last 50 years, and is using that star power to make a difference. Known for being the Terminator,

James Cameron says Terminator Genisys is the true Terminator sequel

The first two Terminator films are considered classics, and that’s thanks to director James Cameron. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was okay, and Salvation was a real letdown. Now in

Check out two new clips from the new Terminator: Genisys

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions have released two new clips from Terminator Genisys. The first clip has Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) just arriving to the past, gathering some clothes while

We’re getting too much trailer content

*SPOILERS* – If you don’t know much about upcoming movies such as Terminator Genisys and Jurassic World, be warned! Before the Internet, it was difficult to know what a movie

Surprising John Connor twist in new Terminator Genisys trailer

Beware, this trailer has a big spoiler. Here’s a new Terminator Genisys trailer that definitely spoils the John Connor twist. We also see older Arnold having battle damage and more

Arnold Schwarzenegger says Terminator Salvation ‘sucked’

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a huge part of the Terminator franchise, and he’ll be starring in the upcoming Terminator Genisys film from director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World, Game

New Terminator Genisys spot features J.K. Simmons and Emilia Clarke

Paramount has released a new extended TV spot for Terminator Genisys, and it we get to see J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man) as Detective O’Brien as he teams up with Emilia Clarke’s Sarah Conner.

Schwarzenegger says Terminator Genisys will ‘kinda ignore’ Terminator Salvation

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been known for many action roles, like Conan the Barbarian, but the one role that he’s most famous for is portraying the T-800 in the Terminator films.

Year of the machines and superheroes

After watching the anticipated box office film, Chappie, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will be one of the biggest years for sci-fi films. Unfortunately speaking, Chappie was a

Terminator Genisys Super Bowl ad is now online

The Super Bowl is a day filled with many cool ads, especially for those looking forward to see ads for upcoming films. Now Paramount Pictures decided that it can’t wait

Terminator Genisys paradox explained – sort of

When we first saw the trailer for Terminator Genisys, everyone was a bit confused when Kyle Reese was sent back and Sarah Connor was already a badass machine killer. It

Terminator Genisys new poster has Sarah Connor holding a Terminator skull

With the trailer debut for Terminator Genisys, a new poster featuring Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor has surfaced. The poster has her holding the skull of terminator. The tagline is

Terminator Genisys trailer is now online

The Terminator Genisys trailer is now online. Clocking in at 2 minutes and 19 seconds, you’ll get to see John Connor, Kyle Reese, terminators, and Arnold! The film will be

Terminator: Genisys teases the full trailer

The full trailer for Terminator: Genisys will be out tomorrow, December 4th, but Paramount Pictures has released a teaser for it. In it we see Arnold as the T-800. And

Terminator: Genisys trailer coming Thursday, plus new motion poster

The past week has been exciting with the premiere of the Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers. Now another popular franchise from the past will be getting

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