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TERA: Rising reaches over half a million new players since free-to-play model

TERA: Rising, the action MMO, has recently reached over half a million new players since the launch of its free-to-play model. With the addition of new players, the total players

Action MMO TERA: Rising is now free to play

For those of you who wanted to check out TERA but didn’t want to subscribe, now’s your chance to play the new chapter of the action MMO…for free! TERA: Rising

TERA, the action MMO, to go free-to-play on February 5

For those of you waiting for TERA to become free-to-play, En Masse Entertainment has announced today that the action-MMORPG will have a subscription-free option starting on February 5th. It will

TERA to become free-to-play in February

I played a lot out of TERA during the first month of its release. Although the MMORPG game leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the story

NCSoft Files Lawsuit Against Tera Developers

  MMORPG title Tera may be currently scheduled to launch in NA this coming May, but it seems that rival NCSoft is keen on preventing that from happening. The studio

‘TERA’, the Action MMO, Finally Gets a Release Date

The South Koreans have been lucky enough to play TERA since last January. It’s the anticipated upcoming action MMO, and one year later, we get an announcement from En Masse

Get a Chance to Become a TERA Closed Beta Tester

En Masse Entertainment has just opened up registration for closed beta testing for TERA, the online action MMO. If you’re lucky, you’ll be sent an invitation to test out the

TERA Online Gamescom Trailer and Loads of Screenshots

Here’s the Gamescom trailer for MMORPG TERA, the action MMO that really takes action games online. I can’t wait for this game, since it’ll be coming out sometime in Spring

Action MMO ‘TERA’ Finally Narrows Down Release Date

Publisher En Masse Entertainment has announced that the action MMO, TERA, is scheduled for a Spring 2012 release. It’s not an exact release date, but now we know that it

TERA MMO Boxart Revealed, Plus New Screens and Monster Info

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some news for Tera, the action MMO game from En Masse Entertainment, but here we have plenty of new screenshots and information on

En Masse Entertainment Teams Up with Atari to Distribute TERA Online in North America

En Masse Entertainment, publisher for TERA Online, has signed an agreement with Atari as the exclusive distributor for TERA, the action MMO, in North America for launch. The game will

Meet the Baraka and Popori Race for TERA MMORPG

TERA Online has some new screenshots and details for the Baraka and Popori race and details on the races and archer class. Coming out to the PC in 2011, TERA

TERA Online: Human Race, Mystic and Sorcerer Class Revealed with Gallery

En Masse Entertainment has released some new information for the human race and two classes, mystic and sorcerer for TERA Online, the action MMORPG. I really wished I can just

TERA Online Introduces Amani Race and Lancer Class

En Masse Entertainment has revealed to us some information on the Amani race and Lancer class for Bluehole Studio’s TERA, the Action MMORPG that’s going to be a good contender

TERA Online Celebrates the Season with ‘Halloween Town’

Even though TERA Online hasn’t come out yet, it’s not stopping Bluehole Studios and En Masse from creating a Halloween-themed town with monsters and ghouls for Halloween this coming weekend.

TERA Spotlight: The Race of the Castanics and the Slayer Class

En Masse Entertainment has some new information for TERA, the action MMO to beat all action MMOs. Today’s spotlight will feature the castanic race and the class of Slayer. Just

New TERA Online Sorcerer & Archer Images

Yes, some new images have been released for our sorcerer and archer class for TERA Online. These classes are but just two of the total eight classes. These classes are

New TERA Online Screenshots Show Dungeon Action

Now that you’ve seen the new TERA Online trailer that showcases the story with the different races banding together, it’s time to check out these high res beauties. We finally

TERA Online Gamescom Gameplay Trailer: Good vs. Evil

The newest gameplay trailer for TERA from Gamescom showcases for the first time dungeon crawls plus a little background behind the world of present-day Arborea. It was a peaceful world,

New TERA Online Artworks Plus History Background Details

Gamesom, a video game convention in Germany that has already beaten Comic-Con in terms of attendance, is coming, and new lovely artworks and some juicy history for the world of

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