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Qudan is the Tekken 7 World Tour Champion.

The Tekken World Tour Finals have concluded, and everyone lucky enough to watch the spectacle in person enjoyed quite a show. The full-day tournament saw the top qualifiers from USA, Europe,

Final Fantasy’s Noctis joins Tekken 7’s World Tournament next spring

The Tekken World Tour Finals held yesterday treated fans to the world’s top talents duking it out, digital fisticuff style. All day the tournament had been filled with upsets and other surprises, but

Tekken 7’s Roger the Kangaroo doesn’t need help from ‘PITA’

Are you a Tekken fan? Have you been playing Tekken since it was released on the PSX many years ago? After all those years and many sequels later, did you

Tekken 7 will conclude the Mishima family feud

The Mishima feud has fueled the brawls in the Tekken franchise for over 20 years, and it is finally coming to a close with Tekken 7. This time around they

Round 1 to include Tekken 7 arcade machines this December

Japan and other parts of Asia already have a competitive scene for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, thanks to the game being available at the arcades. While the game will see

The evolution of Tekken’s Yoshimitsu

When I logged on to Facebook’s top stories this morning, I never expected to see “Yoshimitsu” trending. His new look in Tekken 7 has been turning heads, and only builds

Tekken 7 opening video is intense

Will this be the final Tekken we see? The opening video does give that impression. In it we see Heihachi and Kazuya go at it as a volcano is erupting