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Who is left to be Taken? Find out in the new Taken 3 trailer released today

Apparently, someone in Hollywood got my letters. Because today, I discovered that, yes, there will be a Taken 3. So of course, I stopped everything I was doing today so

Pixar with a dash of hardcore violence: Taken Nemo

Don’t you just love Finding Nemo? Well I sure do. The touching story about a father and his amazing journey to reunite with his son…good times. But don’t you think

Taken 2 trailer: Because watching Liam Neeson beating up dudes never gets old

The first Taken movie caught me by surprise and turned out to be a really intense movie. Who knew watching Liam Neeson beat the shit out of foreigners was so

Liam Neeson Will Reprise Role in Taken 2

I’ve seen Taken and loved how professional and badass Liam Neeson was in killing everything in his path to save his kidnapped daughter. Taken 2 is currently in the works