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Sad Batman is sad

Leave it to the internet to take something cool and turn it something even better. This past Monday, Zack Snyder set the geek world on fire when he posted a

Will we see Nightwing in the Superman vs. Batman film?

Art by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau In the Superman vs. Batman film, we know that Ben Affleck will be playing a tired and weary Batman against Henry Cavill’s young and powerful

Why Ben Affleck as Batman is awesome news

Two-time Academy Award Winner Ben Affleck was cast as the new Batman, and let me tell you why it’s awesome news. The internet has been overfilled with hate that he’s

Zack Snyder and Frank Miller in talks about the upcoming Superman and Batman movie.

We all know that when it comes to rumors in Hollywood, we all usually take it with a grain of salt. However in this recent trend of rumors, there’s word