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CBS to have Supergirl’s first villain be…Lumberjack?

The live-action Supergirl series from CBS is taking shape. We now have our Kara Zor-El, who’s being played by Melissa Benoist, and Jimmy Olsen, who’s played by a muscular and

Supergirl’s Jimmy Olsen will be black

CBS recently cast Glee’s Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El for the upcoming Supergirl series by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) and Ali Adler. After her announcement, we now have an actor

Glee’s Melissa Benoist to star as CBS’ Supergirl

CBS has found its Supergirl! Melissa Benoist, who can be seen in Glee, will star in the series following the adventures of Kara Zor-El. Greg Berlanti is working on the series, who is

CBS’ Supergirl audition tapes surface for roles of Supergirl and Jimmy Olsen

Photo manip by Jeff Chapman CBS is currently looking for its Supergirl and the rest of the cast. So far we have a rumor of Gemma Atkinson for the running

Supergirl won’t be crossing over with Arrow and The Flash?

We have reported earlier that CBS’ Supergirl has the option of crossing over to The CW’s Arrow and The Flash. Well, it looks like that may not be the case. The

Supergirl may cross over to Arrow and The Flash

Photo manip by Jeff Chapman Update: It seems like we may no longer see Supergirl crossing over with Arrow and The Flash. Greg Berlanti is the producer for both the

British model and actress, Gemma Atkinson, being eyed for Supergirl?

For many guys out there, they may recognize Gemma Atkinson from her sexy lingerie photos. She may get more reach if she does get this particular role. The beautiful British model

Supergirl could be in the Arrow and The Flash universe

Photo manip by jeffach CBS officially announced that it’s working on a Supergirl TV series with producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash). Even though Berlanti is working on the show, it was assumed that we

Supergirl TV series to have Cyborg Superman and Jimmy Olsen as a sex symbol?

Photo manip by Jeffach Greg Berlanti, the executive producer of The Flash and Arrow, is currently working on Supergirl for CBS. It has been reported that they are currently looking for

CBS’ Supergirl TV series is ready for casting

Art by Adam Hughes Greg Berlanti is a busy man. Not only is he taking care of producing Arrow and The Flash for The CW, but he’s also producing Supergirl

Supergirl is finally getting her own show on CBS

Art by Adam Hughes Arrow has been getting rave reviews as well as great ratings, which lead to DC Entertainment spinning off The Flash with his own show. Now Superman’s cousin will be joining the

Is Supergirl going to be in the Arrow and Flash TV universe?

Photo manip by Jeff Chapman There was a rumor going around that producer Michael Green (Gotham, Smallville, Heroes) was working on the Supergirl series for DC Entertainment last week. We have some updated news on

Supergirl to get a TV series soon?

Photo manip by Jeff Chapman The DC Universe is exploding into all the big mediums. The DC original animated movies are solid and entertaining (read our review of Assault on Arkham),

Supergirl models after Batgirl’s new look

We recently posted about how Batgirl is going to get a new and practical outfit in the upcoming comic book series later this fall. Thanks to artist Mike Maihack, we

Supergirl gets a Man of Steel-inspired fan film

With Man of Steel successful enough for Warner Bros. to go ahead with the Superman vs. Batman film, what would it be like if other second-tier DC heroes got the

Artist Spotlight: Realistic DC Superheroines with Jeff Chapman

It’s not a new thing to see people manipulating photos, but what comic-enthusiast Jeff Chapman has done with his artworks is truly amazing. He takes existing photos and touch them

Superman: Unbound Review

  [WARNING SOME SPOILERS MAY BE INCLUDED] Superman: Unbound is DC’s latest full length animated feature release where Superman and Supergirl take on Brainiac to save the Earth. Superman is

Castle’s Molly Quinn talks more about Supergirl in Superman: Unbound

We previously showed some of Molly Quinn’s discussion about her role as Supergirl in the upcoming Superman: Unbound animated movie. Now Warner Bros. has released four more video clips of

Castle’s Molly Quinn talks Supergirl in ‘Superman: Unbound’

Warner Bros. has released three interview clips of Molly Quinn (Castle) about her role as Supergirl in Superman: Unbound, a DC Universe Original Animated Movie. In the clips, she talks

DC Comics: Superman faces H’el on Earth

Starting December 5th, Superman will be facing some obstacles in DC Comics including facing trial and teaming up with Supergirl and Superboy to deal with the Kryptonian, H’el. It’s H’el on