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Supergirl teams up with Superman in new promo

Supergirl returns Monday, October 10th on its new network The CW. Our hero is teaming up with her cousin Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) to tackle on some missions – two episodes

LEGO Dimensions welcomes a new member into the Alien Club

LEGO Dimensions has added a new member onto their team. To introduce this out-of-this-world character to the audience, they had Meet that Hero host Lego Supergirl welcome him. LEGO Dimensions

How Greg Berlanti got approval for Superman in DCTV universe

For a long time people thought that The CW DCTV universe would only get C-rated and B-rated characters, but when The Flash joined up that changed everything. Because of the success

Supergirl’s EP talks about Tyler Hoechlin’s classic Superman style

Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg discussed the upcoming season of Supergirl with Collider, which will soon be on The CW. During their time together, he gave some great insight into what we can

The Flash and Supergirl to have a crossover musical episode

Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist, who plays The Flash and Supergirl, respectively, have both showed off their singing talents in Fox’s “Glee.” With the Supergirl series making the jump from CBS

First Supergirl Season 2 promo trailer has arrived

The first promo trailer the second season for CW’s Supergirl has arrived, although it contains a bunch of footage from the first season. There’s also the on-set fight video that was

New photo of Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent on Supergirl

Mehcad Brooks, who plays Jimmy Olsen, uploaded a photo of himself and Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman during the filming of Supergirl. In the photo you can see the old Jimmy Olsen

Supergirl to be center of CW crossover episodes

During the last season of the DC shows, we had a few crossover episodes with Supergirl, who was on CBS at the time, featuring The Flash from the CW (as well

First look at Superman in CW’s Supergirl

We now have our first look at the new Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin (Everybody Wants Some!!), on CW’s new season of Supergirl. Melissa Benoist returns as Kara Zor-El Danvers and is

Diggle will finally get a new helmet on Arrow

One of the complaints about CW’s hit show Arrow this past season, was that Diggle wears a helmet that looks too similar to Magneto from X-Men. It was also previously stated

Injustice 2 trailer is the superhero battle you want to see

Today, the trailer for Injustice 2 has just released, and it is all sorts of awesome. The long-awaited sequel to the popular fighting game has finally arrived, and just in

Superman to finally make a proper appearance on Supergirl season 2

Superman has made many appearances on the Supergirl series, but it’s either via a blurry shot or instant messaging back and forth with Kara, aka Supergirl. Now we have news that he’ll be making

CW’s Supergirl doesn’t see romance with The Flash, but what about Arrow?

In an interview with DC All Access, the cast of Supergirl gave some interesting ideas and information about what they want in the next season of their show, which will now be

DC’s biggest crossover ever will be coming this fall on The CW

During a conference call with Variety, CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that there will another annual superhero crossover episode, but this time, it will be different. In probably the biggest crossover ever,

Supergirl season 2 is heading to The CW

It has been rumored that Supergirl was going to leave CBS and join The CW for the second season, according to a report by Variety. It’s a move that makes

Original Wonder Woman is making an appearance in Supergirl

Okay, not the actual character Wonder Woman, but the actress Lynda Carter, known for her role as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman in the 1975 series. Executive producers Andrew Kreisberg

Supergirl and The Flash have some fun in crossover episode trailer

The big moment is almost here. Warner Bros. TV and CBS have released the trailer for the Supergirl and The Flash crossover episode. Here we can see the two having

Paleyfest 2016: Supergirl talks girl power, The Flash, and possible gay character?

The cast and crew of CBS’s Supergirl came together on Day 3 of Paleyfest at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood last night. Creators and executive producers Greg Berlanti and Ali

Supergirl and The Flash crossover poster pays homage to Superman comic cover

CBS has released a new poster for the Supergirl and The Flash crossover event. You can see Supergirl and The Flash running next to each other with the supporting cast

Stephen Amell wants Arrow to do a crossover with Supergirl

The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl executive producer Greg Berlanti’s attempts at getting a crossover to work between The Flash and Supergirl have worked. It’s finally going to happen with Grant