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Slime-san slides into a high score (Steam review)

Gross. Slime-san is a game about a piece of slime. Scheduled for release on April 7th through Steam, Fabraz and Headup Games are teaming up together to bring this gooey

PSX 2015: Klaus impressions

During the PlayStation Experience, I was able to chat with indie developer La Cosa about their upcoming 2D puzzle platformer, Klaus, as well as get some hands-on time with the

Fez, Super Meat Boy and Braid super cheap on Steam until June 16th

Hey, do you like platformers? Do you like platformers that make you scratch your head in bewilderment, throw your TV out the window in frustration or make your jaw drop at

Super Meat Boy Proves It’s Okay to be Indie and 2D – Nearly 600,000 Sales

Somehow, despite the difficulty of the game, Super Meat Boy has racked up a considerable amount of sales across Xbox 360 and Steam. According to an interview over at pocketful

Free Steam Update for Super Meat Boy Adds 140+ Levels – Also, 50% Off

Super Meat Boy just got a helping of awesome in the form of “Super Meat World”, the free update that has tons of new levels with which to torture your