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PDP’s Fight Pad Pro Controller for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate available now

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month, but players can get ready now with the release of PDP’s Wired Fight Pad Pro Controller. It is

Super Mario Run to receive a new update this month

Super Mario Run is not one of Nintendo’s better games. But, it is an important one. Most people assumed Nintendo would never get into the phone gaming arena. Why risk

What are the Top 5 2D Super Mario Bros. titles?

Everyone loves lists. Here is another one relating to the storied Super Mario Bros. franchise. While Nintendo gears up to release Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch later this year,

Super Mario Run plagued by pop ups, but still fun (Android review)

Finally, Super Mario Run is out on Android through the Google Play store. For months, it had been exclusive to iOS because of a deal between Nintendo and Apple. Now,

2D Mario games need a significant makeover (opinion)

Happy Mario Day. Once Super Mario Bros. came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985, the video game industry picked up momentum and turned into the mainstream phenomenon

Nintendo characters invade Star Wars: The Force Awakens with mashup video

James Farr has produced a new mashup video, “The Triforce Awakens,” featuring popular Nintendo characters as Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters. Watch as Pit Dameron and Kirby-8 try to

Shigeru Miyamoto shows off while showing off Super Mario Run

Nintendo seems to have a way with showing off their new titles in the past few years, with the Mii’s being added in to Smash Bros. on Wii/3DS, to the

Japan’s Prime Minister emerges as Super Mario during Rio Olympics closing ceremony

(Photo credit: Telegraph and AFP) The prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, made a spectacular appearance at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The

Super Mario and Sublime tribute, ‘Plumber Time’

“Plumber Time” is a Super Mario tribute and Sublime mashup by comedy troupe Decent Humans with music recorded by professional Sublime tribute band, Wrong Way. The song sounds great, the

If video game characters used Tinder

What would it be like if video game characters used Tinder? Check out the new video by Warp Zone where Princess Peach is searching for that special someone using the

Super Mario meets Taken

What would happen if Super Mario was about a plumber in search of a kidnapped Princess who was taken by the evil Bowser? Oh, wait, it already is about that. Well, here’s

Golden Mario amiibo looking to be a Walmart exclusive

When Nintendo released the amiibo NFC line back in November in North America, no one could expect just how sought after the figures would become. With the releases of wave

Nerd Wars #34: Mario Is Self Aware

This week we get a Fantastic Four teaser, we introduce a new segment, and we hear the story of Apocalypse Alex. Check out our previous episodes here.

Building the K’Nex Titanfall and Super Mario Bros. U play set

I enjoyed building LEGOS when I was a kid. Something about taking apart and putting back together a play set was very satisfying. I then got into model kits like Gundams. And

The most disturbing Mario Kart video you’ll see ever

This may possibly be the most disturbing and funniest Mario Kart video you’ll see ever. (It’s definitely not for kids.) Mario is pissed off that non-Nintendo characters like Sonic the

Real Super Mario stud sells Mercedes to Japanese

Remember that one artwork of Mario where he looks super realistic and creepy? Well, this ain’t that artwork, and this real-life Mario looks like a tough mofo and is definitely

Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Interview with the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet

Considered by many to be the voice of their childhood hero, we interviewed the voice of everyone’s favourite Italian plumber, Mario, about his audition, leisure time and favourite fan interactions!

S.H. Figuarts Super Mario coming this June

With Luigi becoming a Nendoroid in July, Mario can’t be left out in the dust. He’ll be getting a S.H. Figuarts in May thanks to Bluefin Tamashii Nations. Announced via their Facebook

Light up your room with the Super Mario Question Block Lamp

The Question Block is one of the most iconic objects in video gaming history. It has served Mario well in the Super Mario Bros. games whenever he’s in need of

Mario Warfare Part 5: Peach joins the video game fight club

Beat Down Boogie has just released part 5 of Mario Warfare. In this episode, Peach will have to do some convincing to get the Smash Club group to help her

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