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Chris Pratt Is Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy Is Peach in Upcoming Super Mario Bros. Animated Film

Super Mario is one of the biggest video game franchises in the world, and it has spawned many video games, animated series, a live-action movie starring Bob Hoskins and John

Nintendo-licensed Super Mario Bros. makeup is on sale

Earlier, Nintendo posted an Instagram picture plugging their official Super Mario Bros. makeup from Shu Uemura. It should come as little surprise that these products exist. After all, Star Wars

What are the Top 5 2D Super Mario Bros. titles?

Everyone loves lists. Here is another one relating to the storied Super Mario Bros. franchise. While Nintendo gears up to release Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch later this year,

New Super Mario Bros Switch not on Reddit users’ wish list

Months ago, this author wrote on Nerd Reactor that the 2D New Super Mario Bros. series requires a makeover. For at least a decade, Nintendo has used the same art

2D Mario games need a significant makeover (opinion)

Happy Mario Day. Once Super Mario Bros. came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985, the video game industry picked up momentum and turned into the mainstream phenomenon

Mario Sports Superstars to break out of the gate this March

Nintendo is known for releasing sports titles featuring Mario characters, but usually not as a compilation of different sports (unless Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games counts). Luckily on

This hardcore animated music video needs to be an actual platforming video game

Animator Guy Collins and music producer Leslie Wai have teamed up to give us a very cool and hardcore animated music video called Kaizo Trap. It’s inspired by the Kaizo

Honest Trailer does Super Mario Bros.

Here’s one of the video game movies that started the idea that video game movies are a bad idea. Honest Trailer does Super Mario Bros., and it pokes fun of

Super Mario meets Taken

What would happen if Super Mario was about a plumber in search of a kidnapped Princess who was taken by the evil Bowser? Oh, wait, it already is about that. Well, here’s

Mario Kart crashes the DUB Show Tour 2015

The Mario Kart gang heads to the DUB Show Tour 2015 inside the Los Angeles Convention Center. Here Mario and Princess Peach try to fit in with all the lovely booth

Self-aware Mario A.I. has been made, watch out Skynet!

Cyberdyne is the fictional company (which actually exists) from the Terminator series which created the A.I. software Skynet that eventually caused the machines to take over, but now the only A.I.

Alternate ending for Super Mario Bros.

Each time you try to save the princess in Super Mario Bros., it turns out that the real Princess Peach is in another castle. However, here we have an alternate

Mario, Luigi and Pikachu-themed Gamecube controllers for Wii U

We’ve seen Nintendo announce that there were many ways to play the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii U. Players can select their controller of choice from the

Check out these cool Nintendo hoodies

TV Store Online has some cool exclusive Nintendo clothing featuring Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda hoodies. For the Mario franchise, you can get Luigi, Mario and/or Wario. For The

Real Super Mario stud sells Mercedes to Japanese

Remember that one artwork of Mario where he looks super realistic and creepy? Well, this ain’t that artwork, and this real-life Mario looks like a tough mofo and is definitely

Solid Snake guest stars in Mario Warfare Part 7

It’s here! Another episode of the continuing Mario Warfare web series by Beat Down Boogie, and in this episode, there’s a surprise visit from the master of stealth himself, Solid

How Flappy Bird should have ended

Flappy Bird is a phenomenon that became the #1 game on Android and iOS as fast as it became the #1 controversial game. Many have said that the game is

Luigi Nendroid coming this Summer

2013 was the year of Luigi, but his spotlight isn’t over yet. Thanks to Good Smile Company, Luigi will be immortalized in the form of a Nendroid figure complete with

Nice use of a projector for this Mario and Donkey Kong-themed wedding cake

A bunch of nerds POSH Entertainment have collaborated with MealsForReals to create this awesome Donkey Kong and Mario cake. The cake is used as a screen to project gameplay from

Super Mario Bros. shorts get gritty with Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad

There are many Super Mario Bros. fan films out there, and one of my favorites is the recent Mario Warfare web series by Beat Down Boogie. Now there’s another web

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