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San Francisco celebrates superheroes at Fifth Annual SuperHero Street Fair

Ready to dress up as your favorite super hero? Or just dress up like your very own superhero? Maybe a villain? Now you can! Come and celebrate being a super hero at

Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series canceled

It’s a sad day indeed. In an interview with producer Giancarlo Volpe, Newsrama confirmed that Green Lantern: The Animated Series has been canceled and this season will be its final season. Part of

SDCC: DC Nation and Teen Titans Go!

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and the upcoming Beware the Batman are shows that make up DC Nation that air on Saturday morning on Cartoon Network. Between episodes cartoon shorts

Dragon Con 2011 Second Photo Barrage of Epicness

Here we have for you the second half of the photos we’ve taken at Dragon*Con 2011 this year. And to all the new friends we’ve made on this trip out

Short Film: Lazy Teenage Superheroes

What’s that? A super villain is holding up the city bank?  Whatever just get out of the way, you’re blocking the TV! Filmed on a total budget of just $300