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Powerless is a fresh take on the superhero world (pilot review)

With so many action-packed shows focused on both DC and Marvel Superheroes, Powerless is a breath of fresh air to the comic-book-turned-TV genre. Starting with the credits, they not only allude to

Vanessa Hudgens to star in DC superhero comedy on NBC

Yet another superhero show will make its television debut in the near future and former Disney Channel star Vanessa Hudgens is on board according to Entertainment Weekly. Hudgens, who can

The Amazing Spider-Man set to release on November 9th on Blu-ray and DVD

There is a good reason to look forward to November if you enjoyed the reboot of the Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield. Looks like Sony Pictures will also be adding plenty of

Check Out These Never Before Seen DC Universe Online Screen Shots

We have recently received these exclusive screen shots of the up coming DC Universe Online game for the PC gamers