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New poison-type Pokemon announced

If you don’t mind we would like to take a minute and report some Pocket Monster news that is not Pokemon GO related. A video has been released by the

New Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer released

War… War never changes… and neither does Pokemon. We have known about the release of the latest pair of Pokemon handheld titles, Sun and Moon, for quite a while now,

Total solar eclipse to happen in March

(Image by Williams College Eclipse Expedition – Jay M. Pasachoff, Muzhou Lu, and Craig Malamut) Busy on March 8th and 9th? Well, clear your schedule, my nerdy friends. We’re getting

Smite: Sun Wukong Returns, and **** he looks badass (God + Skin Giveaway too!)

  Hello again, fellow Smiters! The Sun Wukong patch is now live and with it we see a plethora of changes along with the full rework of this masterful god.