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Sucker Punch reveals samurai open world game, Ghost of Tsushima

Since Ubisoft hasn’t developed an Assassin’s Creed game that takes place in Japan, it’s a good thing that¬†Sucker Punch (inFAMOUS) is willing to step up to the plate for its

Top 10 Pirated Movies of 2011! Guess Who’s Number #1?

2011 is almost wrapped up, and as we take a look back at another year in geek-dom, all we have are the memories and some illegally downloaded movies. Torrent Freak

Blu-ray Review: Sucker Punch Extended Cut

Here is a drinking game to play with your friends. While watching Sucker Punch, take a drink every time there is an up-skirt panty shot. [UPDATE] Too many people have

inFamous 2’s Behemoth Boss Wreaks Havoc on the City – Video

Unlike the June 7th release date for inFamous 2, the Behemoth boss of the game does not slowly sneak up on you. This new video gives us a good look

Rumor: Sucker Punch Has New IP, but Where’s Sly Cooper 4?

Although Sucker Punch is still slowly carving out the form that will become Infamous 2, there is now news that they’re working on an all-new exclusive PS3 title. Spanish site,

Infamous 2 Mission Designer Does Everything

Infamous 2’s level editor has already been made known, but now we get a chance to view it in action with our own eyes. Senior Game Designer Karl Deckard, and

Infamous 2 has Gigantic Building-Sized Bosses – Trailer and Pics

The Playstation blog has released new video of user-generated missions, as well as pictures of a boss called “Behemoth” – A very fitting name, I would say. The thing looks

Infamous 2’s Cole Takes His Powers to a New Level – Trailer

Cole needs to find new ways to combat the evil forces in his city, and this trailer confirms he did just that. Cole has new ice powers, and his electricity

Watch the Best Part of Sucker Punch: The First 6 Minutes

Looks like the negativity surrounding the movie has struck a nerve with Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, that the powers that be have decided to give us a taste of the

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Sucker Punch Review

Is reality a prison, or is it actually more intriguing than any heavily stylized Samurai, Mech-Warrior, Orc battle you can think of? The Nerd Reactor team takes on Zack Snyder’s

Artsy ‘Sucker Punch’ Posters with the Babes and a Scary Mech Bunny

Well, the movie is coming out tomorrow, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than to show off these beautiful artistic posters for Sucker Punch. These posters had the

‘Sucker Punch’ Movie Star Vanessa Hudgens Has Nude Pics Leaked Again?

Wow, does this seem a little too convenient for everyone else? I mean, Vanessa Hudgens is in a new movie called “Sucker Punch” which comes out this Friday, March 25th.

Check Out 5 Clips from ‘Sucker Punch’

Here are 5 clips from Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch about a girl named Baby Doll who is stuck inside a mental institution. The only way out is your imagination and

New Portraits of the Babes and Hunks of ‘Sucker Punch’

EW has some new photo portraits from Sucker Punch featuring the babes and hunks (ok, maybe just one hunk) from the movie. Get a good shot of Baby Doll, Sweet

Animated Sucker Punch ‘Trenches’ Trailer Online

Here’s one out of left field. We have here an animated Sucker Punch trailer that looks like a motion graphic comic. “The Trenches” is the name of the short. These

Sucker Punch Gets 45 Hot New Babelicious Photo Stills

Here’s something to wet your appetite before Sucker Punch comes out, 45 production stills from Sucker Punch featuring our hot ladies in the mental asylum. Hello Baby Doll, Sweet Pea,

New Sucker Punch Promo Image Shows All the Ladies

Here’s a new promo image featuring all the fightin’ sexy ladies in Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch. The story follows Babydoll as she uses her imagination to escape a mental institution.

Make Your Own Levels in inFAMOUS 2

Have you ever found yourself re-playing a game and wishing you could just create a few of your own levels so you could keep enjoying it? What about wanting to

New Sucker Punch Posters: Hot Babes & Retro, Very Nice

Sucker Punch really loves marketing the posters, as you can see with these retro-style beauties embracing us today. Who can blame them, we have hot babes wielding guns and licking

Two Infamous 2 Trailers – Total Destruction, or Concentrated Destruction? Your Choice

Why not take a few minutes to watch Cole destroy stuff in these two new Infamous 2 trailers? Developer Sucker Punch is further tying together mission objectives, and positive and

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