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Capcom takes Street Fighter V Beta down after launch

Well, that didn’t last long, now did it? Were you one of the many trying to get on the Street Fighter V Beta? Capcom was busy trying to fix the

Street Fighter V beta goes live today, here are the details

If you pre-ordered Street Fighter V, you are treated with the chance to play the Street Fighter V beta. Well, today is the day, and players will get a sample of

Street Fighter V will be the only disc you’ll ever need?

During Evo 2015, Capcom released more information about the upcoming release of Street Fighter V. Capcom made note that the game will be the only disc (or digital download) you

Street Fighter V’s first new character is Necalli

Capcom confirmed that Street Fighter V at launch will features 16 playable characters with four of them being brand new. So far Ryu, Ken, Nash, Chun-Li, Cammy, Birdie and Bison have

SDCC 2015: Ken looks downright fierce in Street Fighter V

At this year’s Comic Con, Capcom unveiled another legendary character for their upcoming Street Fighter V title. Ken has always been a series staple, alongside Chun Li and Ryu. There

E3 2015: Kickin’ it with Street Fighter V

One of the games I was most excited for during E3 was none other than the next saga in Capcom’s signature fighting game, Street Fighter V. The series has persevered for close to

E3 2015: Sony reveals trailer for Birdie and Cammy

Earlier this week, rumors were flying that Street Fighter Alpha character Birdie and World Warrior favorite, Cammy White are the next characters to be included in the next installment of

Street Fighter V’s next two characters just leaked!

E3 is upon us and it is a great time to be a gamer. While many companies have decided to start releasing information early intentionally, there are still the infamous

Rise up and watch the new Street Fighter V: Battle System trailer

Street Fighter 5 will be playable at E3 as well as select fighting game tournaments this year thanks to Capcom, Sony and Madcatz. The next installment of the Street Fighter franchise will

M. Bison enters the arena in new Street Fighter 5 trailer

Capcom is working on the next Street Fighter V game, and it has released a new trailer revealing M. Bison (via IGN). He’s back and he’s got some cool new moves

Capcom reveals a darker Nash in Street Fighter V

After the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3, Nash was presumed dead. That was until Street Fighter IV came out, where Abel reveals to Guile that he saw someone with a similar move to

Capcom shows off Charlie and Street Fighter V gameplay

During Capcom Cup, Japan’s EG (Evil Geniuses) Momochi proved to the world that he is one of the best Ultra Street Fighter IV players by taking home a check for $30,000.

Street Fighter V coming exclusively for the PS4 and PC

Capcom Cup will take place in San Francisco, California, next week as the top 16 players from around the world will compete for a split at a $50,000 prize pool