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Street Fighter V’s Cammy gets a Pop Culture Shock Toys statue

With the release of Street Fighter V only a few more months away, it’s not surprising to see licensed Capcom collectibles appearing online to capture the game’s hype. One great example

Street Fighter V’s DLC characters revealed via sound files including Guile and Balrog

We won’t have to wait the next few months for Capcom to reveal the six characters post-launch DLC characters for the Street Fighter V roster. The characters’ names have already been leaked thanks to

Street Fighter V set to add six more characters after launch

Earlier today it was revealed that Street Fighter V would be released on February 16, 2016, for both the PlayStation 4 and PC. It was also announced that Street Fighter

Dhalsim added to Street Fighter V roster, plus February 16th release date

Gotta love leaks! According to a post from Eurogamer.pt that was posted and then almost immediately removed, we received confirmation on what data miners of the Street Fighter V beta

Next Street Fighter V beta test coming later in October

Capcom revealed that the second Street Fighter V beta test would be held from October 22nd (Thursday) until October 25th (Sunday) for all regions. This Beta test will be different

Street Fighter V’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, Laura, officially revealed in new trailer!

Looks like we have an official trailer released for the leaked Brazilian bombshell Street Fighter V character, Laura. She appears to be a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, based on

VGB! Quickies: TwitchCon w/ Alex Myers, Cory Butler, and more!

Buh-Buh-Buh BONUS episode of the Videogame BANG! This episode features our interviews from this year’s TwitchCon. We are talking to Pro Street Fighter IV player Alex Myers, as well as

Pro gamer Alex Myers: ‘I want to focus on Street Fighter V’

We had an opportunity to meet and interview Alex Myers, one of the top American Pro Street Fighter players, at TwitchCon in San Francisco a few weeks ago. We met

Meet Laura, the new Street Fighter V character (leak)

Looks like the cat’s out of the bag. After the reveal of Zangief joining the Street Fighter V roster, we have a leak of a new character named Laura. It’s

The Red Cyclone, Zangief, enters Street Fighter V

The Red Cyclone himself, Zangief, has been revealed as the next fighter in Street Fighter V. So far his look is in line with the previous games including the chest

Capcom announces the Capcom Fighting Network

By Xchel Monroy Capcom has made an announcement of the latest character, Karin, for Street Fighter V. At TGS, the video game company has yet revealed a great service that

Street Fighter Alpha’s Karin joins Street Fighter V roster

Capcom’s lineup for Street Fighter V just got a little bigger with the announcement that Karin Kanzuki is joining the fight. It was made during Tokyo Game Show where a new

Meet Street Fighter V’s newest fighter, Rashid

During the Games 15 event held in Dubai, Capcom announced the second original character joining the Street Fighter V roster, and his name is Rashid “of the Turbulent Wind.” Rashid is the

Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition and store exclusive costumes revealed including bearded Ryu

With the Street Fighter V beta coming to an end, Capcom has released some new information on the game that includes a Collector’s Edition and pre-order store exclusive DLC battle costumes

Wrestler R. Mika joins the battle in Street Fighter V

R. Mika was first introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Capcom has announced today that she will be returning in Street Fighter V. Check out her reveal in a brand new character

Street Fighter V beta officially begins on August 28th!

Over the last week, Capcom has been doing regional stress tests for Street Fighter V Beta in Europe, Asia and just yesterday in North and South America. Seeing minimal issues

Street Fighter V’s North American stress test begins today at 4pm PT

While Capcom ran stress tests for the Street Fighter V beta in Europe and Asia last week, North American and South American fans will be able to get some hands-on

Capcom holding regional stress tests for Street Fighter V Beta

It’s been a month since Capcom launched the first Street Fighter V beta. It didn’t go too well since many PlayStation 4 users couldn’t log in, or were quickly booted

Vega is back for Street Fighter V

Voilà! Street Fighter’s vain veteran has vowed vengeance, hoping to verily vanquish the virtuous… you may call him Vega! Today it was announced that the ‘Spanish Ninja’ will in fact

Street Fighter V Beta to be pushed back later

I’m one of the lucky few who got the chance to actually play in the Street Fighter V Beta, and in the end I was able to get in around