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Dropped Street Fighter V characters

Takayuki Nakayami, Street Fighter V Director, has decided to show the public a few of the rejected fighters from the popular fighting game. Even though they haven’t made it onto

Ibuki, Balrog and Street Fighter V’s Cinematic Story Mode coming this Friday

Capcom wasn’t able to deliver the Street Fighter V cinematic story mode and Ibuki in the month of June, but the wait won’t be too long. Following the conclusion of

The New Day’s Xavier Woods vs. The Bullet Club’s Kenny Omega in Street Fighter V

In the past few months, there has been a “kayfabe” back and forth challenge between WWE’s Xavier Woods and New Japan Pro Wrestler and current leader of the Bullet Club, Kenny

Overwatch’s Tracer invades Street Fighter V…via a mod

While it would be something spectacular to see Capcom work with another publisher, adding a popular character from another game to the Street Fighter V roster, it’s something that will likely

The ‘Beast’ Diago Umahara is now working for Twitch

The “Beast” Daigo Umehara is now part of the Twitch team, which he revealed is a recent stream on his Twitch channel. While being one of the best Street Fighter

Capcom and Evo suspend Noel Brown for sexual harassment (video)

Capcom has come out with its official statement on the course of action it will be taking to punish competitor Noel Brown due to his alleged sexual harassment of a woman at

Ibuki is the next Street Fighter V fighter

June is looking to be a big month for Street Fighter V. Not only is the cinematic story mode set to launch, but it will also see the addition of

Capcom clarifies ‘Quality before Deadlines’ stance on release dates

Capcom CEO and chairman Kenzo Tsujimoto has addressed a new strategy to the company’s game release schedule in an FAQ posted on Capcom’s Investor Relations website today. This comes after Street

Capcom misses Street Fighter V sales goal

In a recent report Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V has missed its original sales goal of 2 million by the end of its fiscal year. The game has

EVO 2016 will ban player coaching in Quarter Final matches

If you plan on attending this year’s EVO, be prepared for a new rule change that will prohibit any player to receive any coaching once they reach quarter-finals in their respective game.

Guile will join Street Fighter V on April 28

Last week, Capcom revealed that April’s Street Fighter V DLC character would be Guile. While plenty of information was revealed including a character trailer, the one thing that was missing

Watch Guile in action in new Street Fighter V trailer

Following last month’s release of Alex, Guile will be the second DLC character added to the roster of Street Fighter V. Over the last few days, Capcom has revealed more

Capcom finally has solution for Rage Quitters in Street Fighter V

Ever since Street Fighter V released back in February, rage quitting has been one of the game’s many issues. Honestly, it should have been something that Capcom should have implemented right from the start, mainly due to

Guile’s Street Fighter V theme still goes with everything

Capcom is going a different route with revealing this month’s DLC character, Guile, compared to how it did it with Alex. With Alex, we only got a breakdown of his

Street Fighter V video shows off Guile’s huge guns and Critical Arts

Guile, your Sonic Boom is fierce. How can Street Fighter V improve on that? How about having your already huge arms collect energy until it gets bigger. Once it’s fully

Street Fighter V Guile screenshots released

While the launch of Street Fighter V was met with some criticism due to a somewhat shallow roster and lack of features, Capcom is slowly getting caught up by way

Capcom hates Ken, new Street Fighter V costumes revealed

Capcom is rolling in the new updates this week with new balancing, DLC character Alex, 8-player Battle Lounge, Challenge Modes are more. Although the new alternate outfits aren’t officially released

Footage of Street Fighter V’s Alex

Today will be Capcom’s first big update for Street Fighter V. Among some of the updates are three different tutorial modes (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), a trial mode, being able to

Street Fighter V March update details are here

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here, world warriors. We’ve been fighting online and testing each other’s mettle for about a month now, and Capcom has finally

Info revealed for Street Fighter V’s Alex and March update

Capcom hasn’t given a solid date for the Street Fighter V‘s March update yet, but what we do know is that it will add some much needed online improvements and