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E3 2015: Anno 2205, from the devs behind SimCity

While we don’t know too much about this one yet, we do know that it’s made by the same studio that’s brought us Sim City and the like. Ubisoft’s announcement of

E3 2014 – First impressions of Civilization: Beyond Earth

As a long-time Civilization fan, I’ve tracked its iterations since the early days when I played Civilization 2 and Colonization on my old PC. Sid Meier has maintained a legacy

League of Legends: 100th Champion Sneak Peak! Jayce, The Defender of Tomorrow

As the League of Legends Season Two World championships approach, which is offering the largest cash pot in gaming history, another important milestone is also on the horizon, and that

E3 2012 Hands-On – Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Konami hands down had a solid booth this year with some big name titles, but tucked away in the back were the PlayStation Vita stations next to the giant Frogger Pinball. Silent