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People still think stormtroopers are clones in Star Wars

For long-time fans of Star Wars, especially those invested in the lore of the Expanded Universe, it is a non-issue whether the Stortroopers seen in the original trilogy (A New

A stormtrooper looking for Comic-Con love (video)

The Kilted Stormtrooper is just trying to look for love at a comic convention, but I guess he’s looking for love in Alderaan places. Will he find a match made

Star Wars: Episode VII’s Stormtrooper helmet leaked and Han Solo concept art

Looks like there has been a couple of photo leaks for the Stormtrooper helmet from the upcoming J.J. Abrams-directed Star Wars: Episode VII film. It’s definitely looking more sleek and

Stormtrooper to Walk 2,547 miles for Charity

Paul French an Australian native and Star Wars fan is currently on foot making his way from Perth to Sydney which a total of 2,547 miles. Whew…just thinking of that makes

Sexy Stormtrooper, Sexy Boba Fett…Sexy Admiral Ackbar?!?!

Too long has the age old question has been long left unanswered.  Who has hotter legs?  Darth Maul or Admiral Ackbar?  Thanks to Yayzus Graphics a series of Star Wars