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Storks Review

Ever since The LEGO Movie, the Warner Animation Group is starting to establish themselves as a potential force in the crowded theatrical animation department. Its next film, Storks, is the studio’s last

Storks voice actor Stephen Kramer Glickman on the film and being a nerd

Warner Brothers Animation, which has brought you animated films like The Lego Movie, has a new film called Storks coming out September 23rd, and it is creating quite the buzz. With stars

Help build the ultimate flying machine with Storks’ “Tulip the Builder”

To help usher in the release of Warner Bros’ Storks, the studio has released a fun, Frogger-type game called Tulip the Builder. The game revolves around Tulip, the only human

Bring a bundle of joy home with the latest ‘Storks’ trailer

The old wives’ tale of Storks delivering babies to families has been around for as long as I can remember. Warner Bros. Animation’s latest is set to look upon the