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Online Sega Shop open for business

For about a week, the online Sega Shop has been open to the public. While Sega’s days as a console maker are long gone, the company still remains a major

TV Store Online is a good place for your Halloween needs

Need some help with your Halloween costume, or are you like me and are too lazy to make one yourself? Why not go to TVStoreOnline? They have a wide variety

BlizzCon merchandise sale coming Oct. 11! (ticket required)

Ahh, BlizzCon. Hordes (pun intended) of fans gather once a year (most years) in Anaheim, California, to see just what Activision-Blizzard has in store for the coming year. With the

Geek Spotlight: Anime Fans turned Store Owners

Ever liked something so much you took it to next level? Despite our economy in shambles, that hasn’t stopped one fan from pursuing his dreams. Meet the owner of Desu–Nation,

Nerd Reactor T-Shirts Coming Soon: Chicks Dig Nerdzilla

Nerd Reactor will be selling Nerd Reactor T-Shirts soon, featuring Nerdzilla, Nerd Reactor’s official mascot. He’s a cute, short mutated lizard with a nuclear heart of gold. Trust me, once