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Science related books you have to read

I’ve always encourage people to stock up on their science-related books. Although I do believe in a balance of all types of books of course (because books are awesome), we

Paul Rudd facing off with Stephen Hawking in a quantum chess match is as good as it sounds

When you think quantum mechanics, who’s the first person you think of? See, I’m not the only one who thought Paul Rudd as well. Every year, Caltech throws an event

Black holes may share their memories

Photo by NASA/ESA Hubble Black holes are nature’s ultimate garbage disposal. They are enormous regions in space that have such a strong gravitational pull that absolutely nothing can escape from

Happy Birthday, Dr. Stephen Hawking!

On the short list of recognizable, modern, scientific luminaries, Dr. Stephen Hawking is at the top. A former professor of mathematics at Cambridge, Hawking became a celebrity when the publication