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A new type of way to learn about our universe

Science can sometimes be intimidating! You hear about someone who is working to be in the STEM field, or see scientists work on intense projects, or even have taken a

Marvel Studios launches STEM program for girls

Marvel Studios, known for their heroes on the big screen and in comic books, have decided to participate in encouraging more girls to be involved in sciences, technology, engineering, and

Some science-y (and not so science-y) themed Valentine’s gifts

That’s right. It’s finally February and you know what that means! Valentine’s Day is coming up! Woo – hoo! About half of you are either internally throwing up, or panicking

The best four ways to learn STEM quickly

Physics and science, in general, are a thing I personally think we should all have some knowledge of. Unfortunately, loads of people seem to think it’s way too hard for

The internet responds to STEM teen arrested for bringing homemade clock to school

Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed dreams of becoming an engineer. He is a fan of robotics and likes to tinker and build things in his home, hoping one day to invent something that

‘The Big Bang Theory’ offering scholarships to UCLA students

It looks like one of the biggest shows on television is branching out to scholarships for college. The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre started the Big Bang Theory Scholarship