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Review: The Steelseries H Wireless Headset

Some would say that it’s difficult to express how urgent a quality audio output source is to gamers, but I’ll make it easy. You need it. Having a quality pair

Diablo 3-themed Steelseries mouse and headset 40% off until midnight March 25th

You’re ready. You’ve prepared your mind, body, spirit and 3 cases of Mountain Dew: Code Red for Reaper of Souls going live today. The true question lies in your gear.

Review: Gunnar’s Intercept gaming eyewear

If you have never owned a pair of Gunnars and find yourself in front of a computer screen or television all day, you need to read this review. All those

Steelseries Stratus: iOs’ first official Bluetooth controller is now available

While I may not always agree with Apple and iOS-related products, this is one I’ve actually been enjoying (it is gaming related). The Steelseries Stratus is an exclusive Apple Bluetooth

CES 2014: Steelseries – Stratus and Sensei Wireless

Yet again, we’re here at CES, in the bright and beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. Our adventure this year begins with our favorite PC peripherals provider, Steelseries. If you remember last

Steelseries Black Friday sales go live tomorrow, up to 40% off

With Black Friday coming around in only a few days, you’ve already picked out which computer, monitor, and games you’ll be purchasing. Too often PC gamers do not realize the

Review: The Steelseries Siberia Elite gaming headset – Nerd Reactor’s Headset of The Year

“It’s rare to discover a product that just does everything right, and then some.”¬†The Sibera Elite earned its title. Steelseries has been emerging throughout E-sports as the titan of peripherals,

Steelseries announces new gaming mouse, The Rival

It’s strange how excited new mouse releases get me. Roughly about the equivalent of an obese kid craving cake, my love of quality gaming peripherals can somewhat be compared to

Nerdy Deal of The Day: SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Gaming Mouse – Yellow ($10)

Hey there, folks. I know it’s been a while, but I’m back with more awesome deals of the day. Today’s especially caught my eye since I’ve used and tested this

Steelseries: Siberia Elite (White) available for pre-order

  Still need a good headset? Willing to wait a bit? Well *Professor Farnsworth Voice* “Good news, everyone.” For once, this is actually¬†good news which doesn’t involve interplanetary travel to

Nerdy Deal of The Day: Steelseries Golden Opportunity ($160 for Keyboard/Headset)

A good, functional, resilient keyboard is a must have for any competitive PC gamer. Mechanical keyboards have been taking the scene by storm one house at a time. Of course

Review: The Steelseries Apex Gaming Keyboard

If you macro, and have a hundred bucks, you want the Apex. Nuff Said. Finding a cheap, comfortable membrane keyboard is pretty difficult these days. Having to scour through a

Nerdy Deal of The Day: Steelseries Guild Wars 2 headset, mouse and mousepads 50% off

Guild Wars 2 was one of the biggest MMO releases in the past few years, and with it came this series of beautiful products by Steelseries. While I’m not the

SteelSeries introduces the Siberia Elite headset

“Give me Dolby 7.1,” I pleaded and begged for years with Steelseries. “Soon” was their answer. Well soon has arrived. Roll out the red carpets for the new age of

Steelseries H-Series Headsets: Yes, you DO want them

The Steelseries “H” Line of headsets present a new standard for the industry. A solid, affordable, durable package of power, excellent design, comfort, and an unprecedented understanding of what gamers

Steelseries partners with Valve: Introducing the Siberia V2 DOTA 2 Edition and Mousepads.

While I will admit that DOTA 2 isn’t my favorite MOBA at this time (Primeworld all the way), it is still an amazing game with some of the most stunning

Nerdy Deal Of The Day: Siberia V2 Full-Size Gaming Headset ($45)

Ok, so I know that headphones get featured here pretty often, but sometimes these deals are just too good to pass up. The Steelseries Siberia V2-s has been my staple

Win the Ultimate BlizzCon 2013 Experience Courtesy of SteelSeries, J!NX and The League of S.T.E.A.M.

Want to go to BlizzCon? Too late on buying a ticket or couldn’t afford one? Well with a bit of luck and some love to our good friends over at

CES 2013: Steelseries Unveils the APEX, In-ear Flux, and more!

  While CES 2013 has been largely dominated by mobile manufacturers and developers of yet more iPhone cases, one company has never failed to impress us year after year. Steelseries

Steelseries Sensei: MLG Style

In November of last year Steelseries announced their partnership with the premiere name in competitive gaming, MLG. With this came the promise of some awesome MLG-inspired peripherals that would uphold