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Vortex: Tears of the Abyss brings a twist in RPG

by Xchel Monroy The Legend of Zelda is one game that helped set the bar for what adventure-RPGs have become. But now, we have a brand new game that is similar to

Steam greenlights controversial ‘Kill The F**got’ game

A very disturbing game was published on Steam’s Greenlight, a service created by Valve to help indie developers get there games published. The service is supposed to filter any of the submissions

Developer of controversial killing game responds to Steam ban

Steam Greenlight gives independent developers a better chance at getting their games made. Hatred is a controversial video game featuring a lot of killing, similar to Postal. Now what would

Steam Greenlight brings developers and gamers together

Steam Greenlight is a new type of community discussion group that will help bring new games to the Steam marketplace. This is great news for gamers and developers alike. As