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Stardust and Stephen Amell clash at Dallas Comic Con

In case you’ve missed it, the rivalry between Stephen Amell and WWE superstar Stardust did not end when they faced-off at Summerslam last year. Since then, the two have continued

There may be one more match in Stardust and Stephen Amell feud

Last Sunday was the long-awaited showdown between Arrow’s Stephen Amell and WWE’s Stardust. The months rivalry has built up to this match, and many fans were anxious to see the

Arrow’s Stephen Amell attacks Stardust on WWE RAW

Last night, the tension between Arrow’s Stephen Amell and WWE superstar Stardust finally reached the boiling point as both men needed to be separated during the live broadcast of Monday

Arrow’s Stephen Amell to face WWE’s Stardust at Summerslam?

Some fans know that Stephen Amell has been trying to get on Monday Night Raw for quite awhile now. The Arrow star has made it publicly known that he’s an