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Filming underway on third Star Trek film

Trekkies and fanboys (and girls), start your giddy motors, because it has begun. Star Trek 3 has officially begun production and is well underway! The filming has begun in Vancouver (lucky

Star Trek 3: Possibly called ‘Star Trek: Beyond’?

TrekMovie.com, not associated with the franchise, have announced that the new Star Trek movie has a name – Star Trek: Beyond. Their proof? The name has been registered with the

Star Trek 3: Simon Pegg confirms Idris Elba is the new villain

MTV recently interviewed Simon Pegg about the Star Trek script, which he is still writing with Doug Jung, and confirmed Idris Elba will be in the new film. Pegg expressed

Idris Elba could possibly be Star Trek 3’s villain?

Idris Elba could be the villain in the next Star Trek movie? Possibly. According to Variety, Elba is in early talks to play a villain. Justin Lin will be directing

Simon Pegg to co-write upcoming Star Trek film

Fans of the Cornetto Trilogy, rejoice! Although we may not be getting a Shaun of the Dead 2 anytime soon, we should be seeing at least some of Simon Pegg’s

Justin Lin will direct Star Trek 3: Vulcan Drift

So that subtitle is a joke, but Justin Lin will be helming the third Star Trek film. He is known for directing many of the Fast and the Furious films and making Universal

Jonathan Frakes contacted J.J. Abrams about directing Star Trek 3

Roberto Orci dropped out of directing Star Trek 3. With no director attached at the moment, who’s the best contender? How about Jonathan Frakes? He’s known to nerds out there

Robert Orci is no longer directing Star Trek 3

Robert Orci is out from the director’s chair for Star Trek 3. Deadline announced that Orci is no longer directing the third film, but will remain on as producer. Orci

Five reasons Roberto Orci shouldn’t direct Star Trek 3

With the announcement of writer Roberto Orci as Star Trek 3’s director, many Star Trek fans (or as I liked to be called “Trekkie”) are a bit disappointed in the selection.

Roberto Orci set to direct Star Trek 3

There have been lots of rumors about who will be directing Star Trek 3 since JJ Abrams left to direct Star Wars VII. We can now confirm that screenwriter and producer,

G.I. Joe director is in the running to helm Star Trek 3

It’s no secret now that J.J. has landed the be-all to end-all nerd gig with Star Wars: Episode VII. Many knew that this would more than likely be Abram’s last hoorah

Plans for Star Trek 3 are in the works!

According to various sources, it looks like there may be a Star Trek 3 in the works. TrekMovie.com spoke with Star Trek Into Darkness writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman

Star Trek 3 could come out in 2016

Of course there has to be a third part of JJ Abram‘s Star Trek movies! With the anticipated sequel Star Trek Into Darkness coming out in May, producers are talking about a

Updated: Simon Pegg says J.J. Abrams will direct Star Trek 3?

UPDATE: Simon Pegg posted on his official twitter account that he does not know for sure whether or not J.J. Abrams will return for the next Star Trek film. Just