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Stan Lee Live & Global from the Sundance Film Festival

Today, Stan Lee gave a live and global webcast with host Gene Simmons from the Sundance Film Festival to promote his biographical documentary which will be screening at the festival

Happy Birthday Stan Lee!

Hey there True Believers! We’d like to say happy birthday to Stan “The Man” Lee, one of the most influential comic book icon ever. He co-created iconic superheroes like X-Men,

Join Nerd Reactor at Nuke the Fridge Con 2011 with Stan Lee, Mike Tyson, and More!

Update (Dec. 2, 2011): Lou Ferrigno will not be in attendance due to scheduling conflicts. Hey there nerds and nerdettes! Come join NerdReactor.com and celebrate movies, games, pop culture and more

‘Avengers’ Cast Assemble at D23 Expo with Footage Description

Well not the full cast unfortunately, but Disney had a way of just teasing us with actors from movies during the “Inside from Walt Disney Studios” conference which was frankly

San Diego Comic-Con Day Two Photos

Two days down (three if you include preview night) and two more to go! Here I am, your trusty Comic-Con reporter working diligently in front of the computer at almost 3:00am in

You Won’t Be Seeing Stan Lee in X-Men: First Class

On Stan Lee’s twitter, he was speaking in ye olden English. If you can translate it, it means that we won’t be seeing a Stan Lee cameo in X-Men: First

Stan Lee’s The Amazing Spider-Man Cameo Details

This has been reported before from Nuke the Fridge, but we’d like to share it with our readers. Below is what we know so far. “The Lizard and Spider-Man will

Spongebob Writer to Take on Governator

It looks like the Stan Lee cartoon series The Governator has acquired the services of former Spongebob head writer Steven Banks. The Governator follows the story of an animated Arnold Schwarzenegger after his career as

Stan Lee to Have Cameo for The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America Soon

Stan Lee has tweeted that his cameo appearance for The Amazing Spider-Man is coming soon, and after that, he’ll have another cameo appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger. Cameo

Stan Lee Reveals the Color of the Thing’s Junk and Why Spider-Man Musical Isn’t Good

Now here’s a very interesting interview with Stan Lee from Vanity Fair’s Eric Spitznagel for his “Awkward Question Time” segment. Stan “The Man” Lee talks about Obama jacking his quotes,

Stan Lee To Get Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame Today

Today, January 4th, we celebrate our geek independence! Stan “The Man” Lee gets his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame today, just only a week after his 88th birthday. On

Stan Lee Teams Up with Yoshiki From X Japan

Stan Lee has decided to take on a new venture that includes X Japan’s co-founder and drummer/pianist Yoshiki. They will be creating a motion comic featuring a superhero based on