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Review: Kingston UV500 Self-Encrypting SSD

If you treasure your privacy, then Kingston is here to help with the self-encrypting UV500 SSD. Kingston, based out of Fountain Valley, CA, has been a reputable brand for computer

CES 2017: Kingston shows off new SSDS and 2TB flash drive

Kingston had a very successful CES run this year as they showed off many new and updated products that are all affordable and made for the both the consumer and

CES 2014: Samsung shows off the perfect gaming monitor and camera

4K TVs were big this year in every booth, including Samsung’s booth. Showcasing the UHDTVs (Ultra High Definition Televisions), there were other items that deserved some well-deserved attention. Samsung Cameras

Ultrabook Convertibles and You, a buyer’s guide for the winter holidays.

Purchasing a new laptop can be one of the most arduous and stressful experiences a consumer can have. Standing in a retail environment with 30+ different machines staring at you,

Monster Digital Le Mans Series SSD’s – Easy upgrade kit review

If I took a snippet of history in regards to what was the latest and greatest in PC hardware I would pick the Zip drive; 100, 250, and 750 MB

Kingston HyperX 120g SandForce SF-2281 SSD Review

Why, oh great tech gods, why have I not done this sooner. Seeing the SSD craze at CES this year, we have decided it was about time we got our