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Spotify will match you with a Stranger Things character and their playlist

Stranger Things 2 is premiering this Friday, and Netflix and Spotify have teamed up to give fans an immersive experience. This includes giving the Spotify player a Stranger Things makeover;

Nerd Reactor is now on Spotify!

Reactorites, are you ready to jam with us? In honor of the Grammys this year, your favorite, go-to nerdy site is now on Spotify, so be sure to give us

Hundreds of Spotify accounts hacked

Bad news for Spotify users. News has just broke that hackers have been able to compromise over a hundred premium Spotify accounts. A single hacker claimed responsibility for the leak after

Spotify is now available for PS4 and PS3

Spotify is the ultimate music streaming service that allows users to listen to music on-demand, from a playlists, or on a user-created radio. The selection of songs is very extensive,

Spotify is coming to the PS4 and PS3 this spring

If you love music, then Spotify is one of the best music services out there. It’s free and allows you to listen to the music you want on your PC

BOP.fm has the potential to be the next big name in streaming music ( Early beta )

We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to scour the web for a certain remix, specific song, or album collaboration. It’s annoying to switch back and fourth between YouTube, Soundcloud,

Spotify will now allow you to play your playlist on mobile and tablet for free

Spotify has announced that users who don’t have the premium service will now be able to play their playlists on their mobile phones or tablet. The catch is that it

Grand Theft Auto radio playlists arrive on Spotify and Itunes

Grand Theft Auto’s soundtracks have been one of the key feature that has become synonymous with the franchise. GTA’s wacky radios stations with their more than odd radio personalities add to the games often

Thanks to the Spotify Play Button, websites can now post high-quality music…legally

Spotify is a wonderful music program that allows you to play high-quality music you want legally. You can also find out what your friends are listening to and check out