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Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen creators on Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’s success

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is the number one film at the box office this weekend, bringing in $35.4 million during its opening weekend. The film now has the title of

Check out the leaked Marvel NOW! 2.0 lineup and promo art

One thing the internet loves is a good leak. Whether it’s one year or one day early, there is a thrill in knowing what lies ahead before we are supposed

Trump-looking supervillain appears in Marvel comic book

Here’s a new one. The 2016 presidential election has given us some pretty bizarre situations, but this one threatens to top them all. Donald Trump, one of the most controversial

Spider-Woman, Silk and Spider-Gwen cross over with Spider-Women Alpha #1

Marvel has just announced that Silk, Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen will be crossing over with Spider-Women Alpha #1. The 8-part comic series will bring in writers Jason Latour, Dennis Hopeless and

Kotobukiya reveals Spider-Gwen and new horror Bishoujo statues

We have some great news for fans of Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line. The company has posted a few new photos on its Facebook page from Wonder Festival 2016. The new images reveal some

Spider-Gwen #1 (comic book review)

For generations, Peter Parker was Spider-Man in the comics, films and TV shows. In this latest comic, Peter Parker is no longer Spider-Man, but he is actually the green Lizard who once

Spider-Gwen starring Emma Stone gets a fake trailer

In our world, Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, but in Spider-Gwen’s world, Gwen Stacy was bitten and became the superheroine known as Spider-Gwen. Ever since her creation,

Spider-Gwen #1 coming Fall 2015

Spider-Gwen has become a very popular character, especially with cosplayers and artists. Now she’s going to be returning with a new ongoing series, Spider-Gwen #1 this fall. Jason Latour, Robbi

Spider-Gwen crawls into We Love Fine

Spider-Gwen is quickly becoming a con favorite for cosplay, and while we can’t be at cons all the time, we can flash our nerdiness day to day. We Love Fine

Free Comic book Day has a special treat for Los Angeles fans

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow at comic book stores all around the United States, but if you are in the Los Angeles area, you are in for a nice

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld and J. Scott Campbell respond to outrage surrounding Frank Cho’s Spider-Gwen art

Looks like the video game community isn’t the only one fighting on the inside. We also have the comic book community doing that as well. It all began when Milo

Frank Cho’s Manara-inspired Spider-Gwen art causes uproar, responds with Harley Quinn art

The nerd community is a vocal and critical bunch. Now add sensitive people to the mix, and you get nerds shouting from all kinds of directions. Right now we have Frank