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Creative Pebble Plus (review)

Creative Technology has a slew of audio products ranging from headphones to SXFI soundbars, and nearly everything in between. I recently spent about 2 months with the new Pebble Plus.

Rosewill SP-7260 2.0 Woofer Speaker System review

For as long as people have been gaming, finding the right speakers to accompany long gaming sessions have been critical. In a time where there are so many options available

Satechi AirBass Speaker Review

This is the second product that I’ve reviewed from Satechi, and once again I haven’t been let down. The Satechi AirBass Bluetooth Speakers are an amazing set of speakers to

Braven 710 Speaker review

The Braven 710 speaker is something I really looked forward to testing. Needing something light, clear, and powerful is hard when it comes to finding a good portable speaker, but

Portable Audio: Make some noise with these awesome new gadgets

Since CES 2013, we’ve seen a huge boom in the portable Bluetooth audio market. With the wide selection now available both online and in-stores, it can be quite overwhelming when

Review: DBEST London Duo Rechargeable Bluetooth Mini-Speaker Set

I like to use Bluetooth speakers for everything because I move around a lot in my house with my tablet, computer and phone. I was asked to review the DBEST