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Toniebox (Review)

Finding some cool electronics for children can be difficult. Kids are the best at finding a device’s weaknesses. In most cases, manufactures try their best to prepare their product for

Monster’s Superstar signing with Shaq

Monster, known for bringing us the original Beats by Dre, just released their newest in portable audio with its Superstar: a waterproof speaker able to be submerged in small pools

Review: Amped Wireless Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter

This won’t be the longest review, which in this case is actually a positive feature. Like many audiophiles out there, I have a set of speakers which I find the

Geneva Model XS – Small Box, Huge Sound!

When I first opened the package for this thing, I had no idea what to make of it. No, really I had no idea what this thing was because of how

Turtle Shell Boombox from Outdoor Tech

The Turtle Shell Boombox, or as I like to call it, the fun little box I used to scare the bejesus out of my sister the other night. There’s something to

The Black Diamond III review – The colorful Bluetooth speaker

Hello again. Time for another grand adventure tech review from yours truly. Today, we take a look at the Black Diamond 3, in a partnership with Yantouch and Acase. At

Braven 600 Review – Wireless portable speakers

While a little steep in price, the Braven 600 is an exciting combination of voraciously loud audio in classy modern packaging. High quality portable audio has always been something of

SuperToothHD, a Phone Life Saver, for a Cost

I am pretty sure many people remember that there is a law forbidding you to use your cell phone as you drive, or that you cannot text while you drive