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PS4 to do 40% better than the Xbox One all the way to 2018?

Both Sony and Microsoft have been going at recently with their new-gen consoles launching back in 2013. As of right now, Sony is doing really well with the PlayStation 4. The

Sony to focus on video games and entertainment

Sony is working on planning a new strategy for the future, and that means it will be focusing less on some products while focusing more on others. The plan is to help

Nerd Wars #36: Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Man…to the MCU!

Spider-Man joins the MCU! We discuss the repercussions and SPECTACULAR events predicted thanks to this MARVEL-ous news! Check out our previous episodes here.

‘Spidey-Sense’ – The future of Spider-Man in the movies

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man! It has FINALLY happened, straight from the horse’s mouth. The Web-Head is heading to the MCU. Since Iron Man back in ’08, people have

Sinister Six and Venom movies will continue without Marvel’s Kevin Feige

The Spider-Man deal will be helpful to both Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios. Having Spider-Man be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to help boost hype, and

Sony eyeing Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien for new Spider-Man?

In our list of actors who should play the new Peter Parker, we mentioned that actor Logan Lerman (Fury) would be a good fit for the teenage superhero. Now there are

Marvel Studios is still planning on acquiring Spider-Man film rights?

It’s no surprise that Marvel Studios want all of the Marvel characters back into their hands. So far we’ve seen some successes including Daredevil and the Hulk. Then we have

5 Spider-Man crossovers you should play!

It’s finally happened. I’m sure you’ve heard by now Spider-Man has finally come home to the Marvel family and will be joining his brethren in future films. While we have

These six should play Spider-Man

Let’s do a little logical thinking when it comes to which iteration of Spider-Man will and should be used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have started to hear rumors

Will Spider-Man make additional cameos all over the MCU?

The latest news of Spider-Man finally appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe pretty much exploded through the Internet like a firestorm. I’m actually still reeling from that surprise announcement by

Amy Pascal to step down as Sony Pictures boss

Sony Pictures boss Amy Pascal has been in the spotlight thanks to the Sony hack. The hack revealed sensitive emails including many of her emails. Some revealed Marvel Studios and Sony

The Order: 1886 devs talk about bringing the game to life

Check out this new behind-the-scenes video for the PS4-exclusive game, The Order: 1886. If you’re a fan of beautiful-looking games, then definitely check this out. The developers at Ready At

Sony hack caused Sony to lose $15 million, but PS4 prevailed

Last year’s Sony hack was the talk of the town. Sensitive information and movies were leaked, and it prevented movies like James Franco and Seth Rogen’s The Interview from getting

Free February PSN games: Transistor, Yakuza 4, Thief, Rogue Legacy

Sony has announced the free games coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of February. The games include Transistor, Yakuza 4 and Rogue Legacy. Some or all will be made

Spotify is coming to the PS4 and PS3 this spring

If you love music, then Spotify is one of the best music services out there. It’s free and allows you to listen to the music you want on your PC

Samuel Jackson and Paul Bettany express their excitement for Avengers: Age of Ultron

The team over at Radio Times caught up with Paul Bettany and he had a few kindly statements to say about Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster. “This is the biggest thing Marvel have

Fan-edited video shows why Spider-Man wasn’t fighting with the Avengers

Unless you’ve been living in a cave and do not know what’s going on with Sony and Marvel, most everyone knows and wants Spider-Man to be part of the Marvel

Sony says no Spider-Man for Avengers: Infinity War

Wouldn’t it be great to see Spider-Man in both Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and 2? Well, There’s a rumor saying that we’ll be seeing Spidey in the upcoming Avengers

Planetside 2 locks in on Guinness World Record

It’s coming! On January 24th, Planetside Battles and Sony Online Entertainment are coordinating a mass strike to break the Guinness World Record for Most Players Online in an FPS Battle.

CES 2015: Sony giving you more 4K than you can handle

Every year during CES (Consumer Electronic Showcase) Sony always has one of the largest presence at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It starts with the press conference the day before CES officially