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Sega Brings Us Sonic the Hedgehog Part 2: A Look at Generations

Welcome to Part 2 of 4 of Sega’s Mini Sonic Documentary about the fastest Hedgehog alive. In this video it talks about Sonic Generations and gives us the thoughts of the team’s

A Look into the Birth of Sonic the Hedgehog Part 1

Sonic Generations marked the 20th Birthday of the Sega Mascot who appeared on every Sega console. He then made the leap onto other consoles once Sega became strictly a video

Two Sonics, Two Tails and a Shadow

Sonic Generations keeps sounding better and better all the time. While Sonic will be working with himself from the past, both Hedgehogs will be challenged by enemies new and old.

Sonic Is Now 20, Old Meets New and a Celebration Ensues

Sonic is now 20 years old, starting off as the iconic mascot for the Sega Master System/Sega Genesis, Sonic would stay exclusive to Sega until the end of the Dreamcast

See Extensive Sonic Generations’ 2D and 3D Gameplay

Sonic’s had some rough years recently, huh? With all of the various Sonic fans, old and young, it seems an almost impossible task to make everyone happy. Don’t worry, little

New Sonic Generations Gameplay Video

Below is gameplay footage of the much awaited new Sonic game, tentatively called Sonic Generations. A youtube video surfaced with over 3 minutes of gameplay footage. Combined elements of old