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Week long Awesome Games Done Quick Charity Marathon 2016 is live!

It’s that time of year again where speedrunners across the world gather all for a good cause, showing off their gaming skills while raising money for charity. Awesome Games Done Quick

Modern Super Sonic First 4 figures

For Sonic the Hedgehog fans, First 4 Figures announced it is releasing a Modern Super Sonic statue in Q1 2016. This is the second Super Sonic figure F4F has done, with

Ultimate Skyrim gives you Dragon Farts

Just short of sending the masses spam, humor has touched the hearts of Nerd Reactorites everywhere. If you haven’t played The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, or lovingly referenced as Skyrim,

Sonic X-treme finally released! Sort of…

Back in 1996, the world eagerly waited for Sonic to enter the 3D realm with Sonic X-Treme for the SEGA Saturn. Unfortunately, we had to wait 3 more years for

Sega is closing its San Francisco office

Sega has been going through some big changes for the last decade, and not all of it is good. After stepping away from the console wars, it focused on releasing

Sonic theme gets sung plus parkour

Check out this new song by the Screen Team where they sing the theme song for Sonic the Hedgehog. If that’s not enough for you, check out guys dressed as

Devilish deals from restaurants during Halloween

Halloween is a day where kids get all the treats when they hit up the neighborhood. Well, now some restaurants/fast food joints are jumping on the bandwagon of offering discounts

Sonic arrives to the Wii U in full speed – Sonic Lost Worlds Review

Sonic has been on a roller coaster of adventures after leaving the 2D world and embarking into the 3D universe. The hedgehog has seen his share of bad adventures and

Sonic Lost Worlds launch trailer shows 3DS and Wii U differences

Sonic is taking Nintendo by storm. He has been confirmed for the next Smash Bros game, and on October 29th he will appear on both the Nintendo 3DS and the

Get an extended look at the Deadly Six from Sonic Lost World

We are a month away from the next Sonic title, which is being released exclusively on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. It’s a new take on the Sonic series,

E3 2013 – Sonic Lost World Impressions

With a more cartoonish look, Sonic Lost World allows players the ability to choose their path in a fully explorable world (think Super Mario Galaxy with way more speed). Different

Archie Comics presents: Sonic & Mega Man – When Worlds Collide Trailer

Since San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Archie has been hyping up this comic book crossover featuring the Blue Bomber Mega Man and the fastest thing alive Sonic Hedgehog in When Worlds

Jaleel White returns as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in an awesome fan-made film by BlueCoreStudios

I’ve been in Vegas for a week covering CES, taking a look at upcoming technology including TVs, computers, and dozens of other devices, and the one thing I was behind

SDCC: Wreck-it Ralph press conference

Disney’s upcoming video game movie starring John C. Reilly as Wreck-it Ralph, a video game baddie who has been doing the same job for the last 30 years as a villain

E3 2012: Hands-on with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sega realized many people love racing games. So what better way to promote the Sega brand then to have Sega characters. So they put Sonic and his friends in an

Sonic Adventure 2 release leaked by Xbox.com

Oh look it’s Sonic Adventure 2, an awesome Sonic 3D game that was made for the Sega Dreamcast and later ported over to the Nintendo Gamecube. But wait a minute,

Sonic 4: Episode 2 Review + Episode Metal

Sega had two big things last year going for them, and those were Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Sonic Generations. Both games brought back what we loved about the original

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed coming in 2012

Sonic and his pals from Sega are back in an all-new racing game, but this time you won’t need to switch vehicles. In Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, you will

Sonic 4 Episode 2 Releases May 16th

Sonic 4 Episode 1 had plenty of buzz, since it was a new Sonic game that followed the original Genesis style, but in 3D. Sega teased the game for a

Sega hosting a Sonic Boom Party at Comic Con 2012

Last year at E3 2011, Sega showed off the much-anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog game with Sonic Generations. It featured past and present Sonic and was one of the best Sonic