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What are the Top 5 3D (or part 3D) Sonic the Hedgehog games?

Even hardcore Sonic the Hedgehog fans cannot deny the franchise produced a few clunkers in the 3D era. The main line of Sonic games had been almost invincible during the

Sonic Generations Gets a Launch Trailer for Its Release Today

Like the character Sonic the Hedgehog, the Sonic franchise has many twists and turns, leading to an awesome debut on the Genesis to tumbleweed blowing in the desert, thanks to

Sonic Turns the Big 2-0 Today

Our editor, Chris, previously mentioned Sonic’s 20th Anniversary coming up, but today is the official date. Read his impressions of Sonic Generations! 20 years ago, the SEGA Genesis was launched.

See Extensive Sonic Generations’ 2D and 3D Gameplay

Sonic’s had some rough years recently, huh? With all of the various Sonic fans, old and young, it seems an almost impossible task to make everyone happy. Don’t worry, little

Sonic Generations Rides the Wave of Nostalgia – New Pics, Gameplay Video

I always feel like there aren’t enough Sonic games coming out each year. Fear not, Sonic lovers, because Sega is planning on releasing Sonic Generations during the Holiday season of

Sonic Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New Xbox 360, PS3 Game

SEGA is celebrating Sonic’s 20th Anniversary with a brand new game that may be coming out in Fall of 2011. While we don’t know much about this game, the teaser