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What the hell is Konami doing with the Metal Gear series?

(Warning: This is an opinion/rant piece) Question: What the hell is Konami doing? Especially with the Metal Gear Series? Because I’m as baffled as everyone. Let’s take a quick trip

David Hayter returns as Solid Snake… in Ford Focus commercial

Fans were disappointed when Konami announced that Kiefer Sutherland was taking over David Hayter’s gig of portraying Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. (I actually enjoyed

Metal Gear Solid movie finds its screenwriter

Metal Gear Solid fans have been waiting for some news regarding this movie, especially with the recent announcements and activities between Konami and Kojima. I actually thought this was not

Solid Snake teaches self-defense (video)

If you want to become the best practitioner of self-defense, you better learn from the best. Beat Down Boogie has released a new instructional video showing you how to take care of

Metal Gear Solid 2 Solid Snake Figma figure

We’ve seen images of the Solid Snake Nendroid before, and now we get a better look at the Solid Snake Figma which will be available in May next year. Supervised

Solid Snake visits doctor and finds out he has cancer

Check out the new series by Machinima called Dr. 1-UP. The show features different video game characters and how their lifestyle have affected them. In this episode, Solid Snake visits

Exclusive: Interview with David Hayter on Devil’s Mile, Wolves, Black Widow and Metal Gear Solid V

Nerd Reactor had the chance to chat with actor/writer/director David Hayter recently about his upcoming projects. He talks about his starring role in Devil’s Mile (comes out this month), his directorial debut

Solid Snake guest stars in Mario Warfare Part 7

It’s here! Another episode of the continuing Mario Warfare web series by Beat Down Boogie, and in this episode, there’s a surprise visit from the master of stealth himself, Solid

Solid Snake Sings Your Favorite Pop Hits

Do you remember all those beautiful pop songs? Do you remember the music that made today’s generation so special? It’s here, Now That’s What Snake Calls Music – Vol. 1.