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The ‘Bug Bar’ from Snowpiercer will be available at San Diego Comic-Con

Snowpiercer is an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller where humanity survives inside a moving train called the Snowpiercer. If you’ve seen the film, then you should know of the delicious food treat

Bong Joon-ho’s film Snowpiercer to be made into TV show

“18 years I’ve hated Wilford. 18 years I’ve waited for this moment. And now I’m here… Open the gate. Please.” One of the best films of 2013, Snowpiercer is a

Snowpiercer to headline ‘Korean Film In Focus’ series in Los Angeles

Korean films in the past few decades have been establishing themselves as an entertainment powerhouse in Asia; right up there with Hong Kong, China and Japan. To celebrate the induction

Snowpiercer, starring Chris Evans, heads to Blu-ray and DVD on October 21st

Anchor Bay Entertainment and RADiUS have announced that Snowpiercer will be heading to Blu-ray and DVD on October 21, 2014. Snowpiercer is a unique movie. It’s based on the graphic novel of

Snowpiercer review – The graphic novel that’s being adapted into a film

Snowpiercer is a French graphic novel that is being turned into a Korean movie filmed in English with an American star. Sound confusing? Yes, yes it is. When I first