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New King of Fighters XIV trailer reveals new characters and release date

During a special King of Fighters XIV event held in Japan, SNK Playmore showcased a new trailer which revealed new information like the release date, gameplay modes, and most importantly, team names and

The Last Blade 2 heads to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in May

SNK Playmore is on a roll. Not only is it releasing the King of Fighters XIV later this year, but the company has big plans for a lot of its

Mai Shiranui announced as next character in King of Fighters XIV

SNK Playmore has released the twelfth trailer for The King of Fighters XIV, which reveals one brand new fighter and the next returning fighters for the new installment. Mai Shiranui is

New King of Fighters XIV trailer introduces two brand new fighters

SNK Playmore has released the 11th trailer for The King of Fighters XIV which reveals two brand new fighters, Mui Mui and the mysterious Kukri. Mui Mui isn’t ‘exactly’ a new

King of Fighters XIV adds Geese and Ryo

SNK Playmore has released the 10th teaser trailer for the upcoming King of Fighters XIV game, which introduces two more characters to the roster. The first character introduced is long-time final

New King of Fighters XIV trailer reveals former NESTS member Sylvie

The eighth trailer for King of Fighters XIV adds three more characters to the next installment of the series, two of them returning characters, along with one new face. Newcomer Sylvie has

King of Fighters XIV adds three more characters to roster

SNK Playmore released the seventh trailer for King of Fighters XIV, which reveals three more fighters that will be joining the game. Tung Fu Rue is the legendary master of

Terry Bogard, Clark Still, Maxima and a new fighter join King of Fighters XIV

While we’re not sure of the release date for King of Fighters XIV, it hasn’t stopped SNK Playmore from slowly introducing new and returning fighters from the series. The sixth trailer for

Rock Howard to be playable in King of Fighters XIV?

SNK Playmore has recently posted new images from King of Fighters XIV. These images included the newest character additions like Benimaru Nikaido, K, and Robert Garcia. However, there’s another image,

New King of Fighters XIV trailer shows Benimaru, K and Robert in action

SNK Playmore has released a new trailer for the King of Fighters XIV. It shows off three returning characters in action: Benimaru Nikaido, Robert Garcia and K’. Developed exclusively for the PlayStation

A King of Fighters anime series and live-action drama are in development

Back in August 2015, it was revealed that Chinese company Ledo Millenium had acquired 80% of long-time Japanese gaming company SNK Playmore for $63.5 million. The acquisition would give Ledo access to all

PSX 2015: King of Fighters XIV impressions

While there was a huge amount of games I wanted to play at the PlayStation Experience this year, one game I really wanted to see was SNK Playmore’s King of

Ultimate SNK Humble Bundle Sale brings you over 20 games for $10

If you have ever played an arcade game back in the ’90s, chances are you played one of the SNK cabinets that featured two or three selectable titles including King of Fighters,

King of Fighters XIV to be playable at PlayStation Experience next week

I have my reservations about King of Fighters XIV. Of course, I’ve felt that way a few times for the series including 99′, XII and Maximum Impact. One thing that always

The King of Fighters XIV coming to PlayStation 4

The next installment of the King of Fighters series has been confirmed, and it’s now going full 3D. During the PlayStation press conference at Tokyo Game Show, we got our

NEOGEO X GOLD arcade console due out before Xmas

Remember when SNK used to put out consoles and those arcade machines packed with multiple games in one unit? Video game merchandise distributor Tommo does, and for the 20th anniversary