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Smite down with Ullr – Plus we’re giving away gods and skins

Smite hasn’t been out long fully and already the game is dropping new content to satiate your god complex. Ullr is the Norse god of hunting as well as Odin’s

Weekend BANG! #12: Smite vs. League of Legends

Sir Aaron Carter here to Smite you down with this week’s Weekend Bang! The League of Legends addict Cory Vincent takes a break from his computer to chat it up

Smite: Sun Wukong Returns, and **** he looks badass (God + Skin Giveaway too!)

  Hello again, fellow Smiters! The Sun Wukong patch is now live and with it we see a plethora of changes along with the full rework of this masterful god.

Smite: Thanatos Patch Notes and code giveaway!

Contest details at the bottom. Fellow giant slaying, creep destroying, foe stomping, god slayers, the Smite Thanatos patch has now hit live beta. It also brings with it a huge

Wildstar Devspeak: Aiming

TL;DR – Wildstar’s aiming system is exactly like that in Smite. There, Iv’e said it. While Carbine Studios claims that they’ve put together a new system called free form targeting,

Smite patch 0.1.1490, Fenrir joins the fray (God + Skin Giveaway)

Hey there fellow Smiters. Patch 0.1.149 has hit today, and with it brings a huge array of changes including the wolf god Fenrir – The Unbound. This patch is HUGE

Smite: A new way to MOBA

  Currently in closed beta, the third-person action-based MOBA, Smite, is nothing short of a breath of fresh air for the genre that is largely ruled by League of Legends