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Smite Down: Fafnir, Lord of Glittering Gold

The latest update to Smite sees the release of a lord rather than a god. Fafnir, the greedy little dwarf, actually gets more defensive the more gold he carries, and

Smite Down to add Susano, the Japanese god of storm?

The rumor mill has been swirling around as to who will be the next god to grace their presence in Smite. The majority of the fingers are pointing to one

Smite Down: Jing Wei too much!

The gods just keep rolling in as Hi-Rez gets ready to drop Jing Wei, the oath keeper into Smite, plus a ton of goodies in the latest patch. According to

Smite Down: Beam me up Skadi!

Winter is still in full effect and the guys at Hi-Rez are proving it with the latest god in Winter’s Bite patch 3.4. The next god to enter the battlefield of

Smite Down: Season 3 Update

Get ready, folk, because Smite is about to hit season 3, and it’s hitting hard with god balances, new skins for gods and joust, and throwing out some of the

Smite Down: New god reveal, Amaterasu, The Shining Light

All the speculation has been true, well some of it, as HiRez releases the trailer for the next god in Smite, Amaterasu. The first Japanese pantheon to the game, Amaterasu brings the

Smite Down Japanese gods revealed?

Now nothing has been released officially but the guys at Smite Data mining may have uncovered the names of the first Japanese deities to be released, Raijin and Amaterasu. Raijin is

Smite Down: Japanese gods

The guys at HiRez have teased fans a little by tweeting about the next god to be revealed. That's right – the next SMITE Pantheon will be Japanese! Learn more

Smite Down: Shadows of Olympus

Smite keeps rolling along with another update soon to hit the scene. November 3rd the Shadows of Olympus update will bring a whole bunch of content to the game, starting

Smite Down: Is it about to get nuts?

Gamers and the people of the Internet are very impatient. Quality engineer at Hi Rez HirezPonPon spilled out a little detail about the next god coming to Smite. I mean, didn’t we

Smite Down: Ah Puch

In the latest update to Smite, HiRez takes the game up a notch. There are so many updates in this patch that it will make your head spin. But the biggest

Smite Down: Data Mining

The good old boys at HiRez usually play their cards close the chest, but the people of the internet are a crafty bunch. Through some long hours of data mining

Smite Down: Medusa the Gorgon

Soon the gods in Smite will be frozen in stone as they gaze upon the face of the Gorgon herself, Medusa. That’s right one of the more famous Greek deities,

Smite Down: Merger of worlds?

Smite on the Xbox One is still in its alpha stage, but all around the web the positive praise of the game has been pouring in. I for one have

Smite Down: My Bellona has a first name

The Smite Down is back with an impending update to the game. Hi Rez is in the second season of its hit game and they show no signs of slowing

Smite Down: Godlike Cinematic

There’s a little change with this Smite Down. It’s not a new character, but with the Smite World Championship just around the corner, the good old boys at Hi Rez

Smite Down: Awilix! Ready to mount?

The boys over at HiRez threw a new fighter in the ring with Awilix goddess of the moon. This Mayan goddess comes with her own mount too, so the chase

Smite Down: Ao Kuang is back!

That’s right, people, the King of the Eastern seas is back. Ao Kuang has been long gone from the Smite realm but has joined the fight once again with a

Smite Down: The one who Nox

The goddess Nox brings nighttime fun in Smite’s latest update. Nox is a mage, or anti-mage, depending on how she is used. Most of her abilities play off of other

Smite Down: Sylvanus keeper of the wild…Parties?

The good folks at HiRez cranked out another god to add to your roster, and this one I think you’ll “Root” for. Corny jokes aside, Sylvanus, the keeper of the wild,

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