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Slender Man is getting a movie, and here’s the trailer

The Slender Man movie is coming, and Sony has released the trailer for the upcoming horror film. Imagine that, a creature that originated as a creepypasta internet meme is now

Slender: The Arrival Wii U review

Slender Man has gained quite the popularity these past few years. First he was a meme, then a hit web-game, and now a bigger released game on PC and consoles

Slender Man joins American Horror Story: Freak Show?

Fans are just a few weeks out from Season Four of AHS TV series,  American Horror Story: Freak Show. All month long FX has been releasing clips and new teasers for

Girls stab friend 19 times because of ‘Slender Man’

The Slender Man is a legend started by the internet over the last number of years and became immortalized through fans and fiction. But what happens when it is taken to the

Who wants a Slender Man plush toy?

Slender Man became a hit on the interwebz. The best experience with the creepy tall dude is playing the video game where you’ll have to avoid Slender Man while trying

Slender Man puts a stop to the Harlem Shake craze

Are you tired of all the Harlem Shake videos popping up everywhere on your feed? If so, then this video is made especially for you. We can always count on