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Skullgirls Encore now free for PlayStation Plus members

It’s time to announce another free game for Playstation Plus members. Today, if you log into PSN, Skullgirls Encore will be available for free. The game is an updated version

Cristina Vee at 1337 Lounge Live this Thursday, April 18th

Damn this video! Now I have fallen in love with Cristina Vee and wish to ask for her hand in marriage (must snap out of it!). The beautiful voice actress

Big Band crowdfunding goal met for Skullgirls DLC

  The crowdfunding campaign for Lab Zero is still going strong, and they’ve just recently passed $375,000, passing the goal line to allow for development to begin on the first

Help fund Skullgirls! Lab Zero’s crowdfunding efforts to make Squiggly

*UPDATE* The crowdfunding effort has been more than a success, with Lab Zero reaching their target goal in less than 24 hours! Donations will still continue to be accepted for

Skullgirls coming to PC later this year

So, yeah, Skullgirls is pretty damn awesome. We even said so ourselves, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that disagrees. And now, it seems that PC gamers will be

Skullgirls Review

  With fighting games, you sometimes already have a niche audience to shoot for, despite how much the genre has grown throughout the past few years. Within the people that

SkullGirls hits PSN, arrives on XBL tomorrow

SkullGirls, the new fighting game from long-time tournament player Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont and art from Alex Ahad, is officially out today for the PlayStation Network and will be hitting

Skullgirls available April 10th, tournaments to follow

The fighting game with violent hats of splendor has just got its public debut set for the precise date of April 10th in North America (PSN), and April 11th in

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with a new Skullgirls trailer

  A happy Valentine’s Day to all the nerds and nerdettes out there. For those with a particular interest in fighters, Reverge Labs has a special V-day gift for you,