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X-Men: Dark Phoenix reportedly underwhelms at audience test screenings

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is going to be directed by Simon Kinberg, marking his directorial debut. He has worked as a screenwriter for X-Men: The Last Stand, and the Fantastic Four reboot, both

Jessica Chastain says she’s not Lilandra in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is currently filming, and there were recent rumblings about Jessica Chastain joining the film as Lilandra, Empress of the Shi’ar empire. Hmmm, we now have news directly from

Jessica Chastain gets ready for X-Men: Dark Phoenix as Shi’ar Empress Lilandra

Update: Jessica Chastain reveals that she’s not playing Lilandra. Jessica Chastain has announced that she’s going to Montreal for the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix film. Why? She’ll be giving James

Fox Studios still looking to make more Fantastic Four movies

If you can see my face right now as I’m typing this, I’m eye-rolling so far back I can see the back of my skull. Really, Fox? Really? Did you not

Simon Kinberg says next X-Men movie to take place in the ’90s

After X-Men 3: The Last Stand, the X-Men series went back to the ’60s with X-Men: First Class. It then jumped to the ’70s with Days of Future Past and the ’80s

Fox producer thinks it would be fun for an X-Men and Avengers crossover

Marvel Studios has done wonders with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now other studios are following suit with expanding their universes, like Fox with X-Men and Warner Bros. with the

Fox and Simon Kinberg still plan on making a Fantastic Four sequel

The reboot of Fantastic Four was recently released a couple months ago and received completely abysmal reviews and viewing numbers. No one was asking for a reboot, however, Fox didn’t care

First look at Negasonic Teenage Warhead in these new Deadpool images

With San Diego Comic-Con just a few days away, Fox is taking this opportunity to hype Deadpool through their (rumored) appearance at Hall H next Saturday. For now, we’re getting more

Dazzler could be in X-Men: Apocalypse, plus Moira MacTaggert confirmed

The X-Men prequels like to jump from decade to decade. X-Men: First Class was set during the Cold War in 1962, X-Men: Days of Future Past was mainly in 1973,

Josh Trank on why we haven’t heard much from the Fantastic Four reboot

We saw some concept designs for the Fantastic Four reboot suits including one for Michael B Jordan’s Johnny Storm and Miles Teller’s Reed Richard. These may or may not be

Fantastic Four reboot teaser will debut next month

The Fantastic Four reboot has been receiving a lot of negative publicity lately, especially with reports of director Josh Trank behaving badly on the set of the film and expensive reshoots.

‘Future Past’ screenwriter reveals new info X-Men: Apocalypse

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen X-Men: Days of Future Past. X-Men: Days of Future Past is doing pretty well at the box office over the weekend, with it grossing $100 million during