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HBO gives new look at latest Silicon Valley season

Things are looking really good for the Pied Piper crew at the end of last season. After a happy accident involving Jian-Yang’s smart fridge, Richard Hendricks get funding to create

HBO releases teaser trailer for the new season of ‘Silicon Valley’

The Pied Piper guys are back! Last season, HBO’s “Silicon Valley” ended on a high note with Erlich Bachman outbidding Gavin Belson by $1 to be the sole owner of

BlizzCon host fires back at bullies

Thomas Middleditch, star of HBO’s Silicon Valley and avowed gaming nerd, had a rough time during his hosting gig at BlizzCon last weekend. Although Middleditch is no doubt a hardcore

This week’s Geeks Who Drink to feature Silicon Valley’s Josh Brener and Grey Damon from Aquarius

This weeks Geeks Who Drink looks to be the most fun episode so far. Zachary Levi hosts as Josh Brener (Silicon Valley) and his team “Down & Nerdy” compete against

Cast of Silicon Valley read fan mail

We’re getting closer to the season premiere of Silicon Valley, and some of the cast teamed up with Funny Or Die to read fan mail they received. The first few letters

Silicon Valley cast to visit Twitch HQ in San Francisco

While others may be anxiously awaiting the return of dragons and their mothers, no show’s impending return has me more excited than Season 2 of HBO’s Silicon Valley. I’ve already gushed about

HBO Go finally available on PS4

Almost exactly a year ago, HBO Go was made available for PS3. What about the PS4 support? It was revealed to be released later, but we didn’t know when later

Silicon Valley season 2 new promo trailer out

Silicon Valley, created by Mike Judge (Office Space, King of the Hill, Beavis and Butt-Head), is hands down one of the funniest shows to hit television in a long time, and

The Emmy nomination gripes…and praises

We’re deep into the summer TV doldrums, nine months away from even a hint of dragons or their mothers. And when mired in the scorching desert of summer TV, there

Silicon Valley’s math of optimal tip-to-tip efficiency a.k.a. j*rking off a lot of people

If you watched the season finale of HBO’s awesome show, Silicon Valley, then you might have seen one of the funniest and most memorable moments of the season. “We’re going to

OIGC 2014 Interview: Howard Scott Warshaw on E.T for Atari, psychology and the future of gaming!

The man was given five weeks. Five weeks to adapt one of the most iconic movies of all time into a captivating and immersive experience on the Atari 2600. Things

The REAL Silicon Valley (kinda sorta)

The Silicon Valley startup world has long been a source of fascination for those who live outside this particular bubble. The seemingly contradictory mashup of extreme wealth and extreme youth.

Watch the first episode of Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley online

The first episode for Mike Judge’s new series, Silicon Valley, aired over the weekend. The show centers around a group of Palo Alto computer nerds who start their own company

HBO’s Silicon Valley: A smart comedy about startups

With the emergence of apps and websites being sold to Facebook, Google, Apple, and every other large web company, it was about time someone made a television show poking fun