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‘Bridge of Spies’ producer Marc Platt to bring SEGA’s ‘Shinobi’ to the big screen

You may not have heard of Marc Platt, but you do know a lot of his work in the geek realm. He has produced Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,

Sega plans to produce movies and shows based on its games

Ubisoft has started the big wave of video game companies adapting its games into movies and on TV. It’s currently working on getting popular franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell

Senran Kagura Boobs…err Burst in 3D – Nintendo 3DS review

Warning: Senran Kagura Burst has tons of fan service, so if you’re okay with that, keep on reading. If you find busty bouncy ninja girls fighting and getting their clothes blown

Senran Kagura Burst sneaking onto the Nintendo eShop this Thursday

It’s not often we get those over-the-top hilarious anime action games over from Japan, but Senran Kagura Burst takes the cake thanks to XSEED. With 10 playable busty shinobi’s in training