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Indiana Jones Collection – 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

Raiders of the Lost Ark In 1981, longtime friends Steven Spielberg and George Lucas decided to create a tribute to classic Saturday-afternoon cliffhanger serials. That film became Raiders of the Lost

Fury – 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

Let’s face it, bad World War II films are a rarity in Hollywood. If you look at a list of films, you may count the bad films on two hands.

Would you like to see Shia Labeouf as the Red Hood?

We have all heard the rumors that the Red Hood arc is going to be the feature storyline in the upcoming DC Extended Universe Batman film starring Ben Affleck and potentially

Top 7 best Shia LeBeouf motivational ‘Just do it!’ memes

With the release of the Shia LeBeouf motivational speech behind a green scene, originally made for an art piece, the internet has created a viral meme. There have been numerous

Shia LaBeouf wants you to JUST DO IT! in this motivational video

A viral video of Shia LeBeouf has been going around the internet and labeled as a motivational speech. In the video, he is yelling at the viewers to “Just do

Shia LaBeouf covers his face with a bag at latest premiere

Splash Shia LaBeouf is entering the realm of the crazy. It all started when people started accusing him of plagiarizing. He got upset and has gone to the extreme of

Podcast Double Feature – Harry Potter and Transformers Review

The Nerd Reactor crew reviews two big summer blockbusters and hopes that they didn’t waste their money. In the red corner, all the way from Cybertron. He is the big