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Filming begins for Sharknado 5 with Ian Ziering and Tara Reid returning

Are you ready for another Sharknado movie? Good, because Syfy and The Asylum have announced today that Sharknado 5 (working title) is swimming your way with Ian Ziering and Tara

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens (movie review)

By Arvin Santiago As a person that has willingly watched the first two Sharknado films, I was a little bit shocked to hear that there was a 4th film (Yes,

SDCC 2014: Interview with Sharknado 2 star Ian Ziering

Tonday sharks will rain from the sky! Today the sales of chainsaws will skyrocket! It’s the phenomena that swept the world is back, and it’s biting back for a second time! Nerd

Sharknado: The Video Game announced

I think the movie’s tagline speaks for itself about this game: ’nuff said. The sequel to the ridiculous as hell (not to mention one of the best B comedies out

Sharknado 2 trailer…it exists

Remember Sharknado? You know, the movie about a tornado/hurricane that picks up a bunch of sharks and tosses them all around L.A.? Well, it did so well that a sequel

Sharknado review: We’re going to need a bigger budget!

Some minor spoilers ahead Syfy Channel has been known to churn out low-budget made-for-TV movies on the fly. Heck, many of us are still reeling from Sharktopus and Supergator. And